Steve at the PNW regional show

Steve at the PNW regional show

Steve was entered in the PNW regional show this last weekend in Boise. After not being in the ring for a good one and a half years I was so happy with how he did. He showed nice in the ring with the handler and his off leash portion with me was excellent and so much fun! Steve got first place in LSH working males. I plan on showing him again in the Spring.

Also this weekend Steve earned his AD title. Attached are some photos from the weekend including some of his bite work practice.

Steve is registered as Alta-Tollhaus Ulfr





GSDCA Sieger show 2018

GSDCA Sieger show 2018

I wanted to share a picture I purchased of Kora at the Sieger show this year. She did so beautifully in the ring, I was so proud of her especially after the three day trek just to get to Chicago!

I love seeing new areas of the country, we drove through some beautiful countryside and Kora handled all the new experiences like a pro. Here she is in the ring. This is her 3rd show and she was awarded VP1 out of a class of 3 puppies.

Kora is registered as Alta-Tollhaus Persephone

GSDCA 2018 Sieger Show, Zion IL

GSDCA 2018 Sieger Show, Zion IL

Last weekend was the GSDCA 2018 Sieger Show held at Shiloh Park, Zion, IL. The best part of the show was spending time with good friends! Erich, Jurgen, and Kathi from Austria and Zsolt and Yanni from Hungary; Little Julie Richards from Spokane and her friend Katie who is expecting a baby this April; Paula and Joanne Wright, without Christie, we missed you girl; Bill and Deb; David and Susan; Jackie and Emily Wood; Shak, Myranda, and Forest from Alabama.

The results are:

VA4 Pepe vom Leithawald – Working-class male
SG1 Xeni vom Leithawald – Shak’s female 18 – 24 Month
SG3 Wuff Klein Leithawald – Pepe son owned by Shak; 18-24 month male
SG1 Tuba vom Fanino – Myranda and Forest’s female 18-24 Month Long-Coat
SG4 Alta-Tollhaus Lola – Jackie and Emily Wood; 12-18 month class; Enox x Yoyo
SG5 TSF Caymus – Wright sisters; 12-18 month class; Esto x Alta-Tollhaus Jemma
VP1 Alta-Tollhaus Persephone “Kora” – (little) Julie Richards; 3-6 month Long coat; Pepe x Inga
VP2 Alta-Tollhaus Phinneous “Finn” – David and Susan Willard; 3-6 month Long coat; Pepe x Inga
VP2 Alta-Tollhaus Phaedra “Drea” – 3-6 month; Pepe x Inga
VP5(?) TSF Artus – Bill and Deb Riveria 3-6 month; Pepe x A-T Jemma

This is Pepe’s progeny group, which has 6 of the above mentioned dogs:

Alta-Tollhaus Lola – Enox x Yoyo


Alta-Tollhaus Phineus “Finn” admiring his trophy:
Finn copy

Alta-Tollhaus Persephone “Kora”
42758749_10157606278512316_8963299307381850112_o copy

42669629_10157603534872316_1052900078584332288_o copy

Dinner Sunday night, celebrating Pepe’s VA win:
42993556_2235574850008521_3585878378797858816_n copy
43141052_2235574826675190_3757044125602414592_n copy

TSF Artus (first puppy)


Zsolt and Shak, celebrating Xeni’s SG1 win:
42956442_2235574733341866_9167462519122427904_n copy

Julie and Kathi cruising the outlet mall in style:
IMG_7703 copy

The obligatory trip to Wal-mart as necessitated by attendance to any dog show:
42966979_2235574690008537_182205818505003008_n copy

Steve returns home

My boy Steve just returned home. Since March he has been training with Leithawald team overseas. While he was there he earned his BH, IPO1 and IPO2 titles. I am so thankful to have this opportunity and I am so proud of Steve!! And I am so happy to have him home. There was a noticeably empty place in our home without Steve there. He is a very special, once in a lifetime dog!

I have a trip to Boise planned to meet some awesome trainers to help get him ready for his show and breed survey in October. Exciting times ahead, I can still hardly believe all this is happening. I am so thankful to Julie for making this possible for us. I should say also how impressed I am with Steve’s breeding. His temperament is truly ideal. I brought him home after him being gone for six months and it was like he had never been gone and we just picked right back up where we left off. He is still the same lovable Steve. The following are all pictures from his first few days back home. And if you ever want to see more pictures of him I have his entire life on an Instagram account @stevetopdog

Steve is registered as Alta-Tollhaus Ulfr.

He and Mika are becoming fast friends!