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January 4, 2008

Michael Ellis Seminar

Michael Ellis Seminar
February 22,23,24
Adel, Iowa


FEES: $200 per dog for Friday/Saturday and Sunday (includes lunch).
Obedience only handlers will receive two obedience sessions per day. Obedience and Protection handlers will receive one obedience and one protection session per day. To observe and participate in discussions for a large part of the day, without working a dog, there is a $35/day audit fee.

Contact: Cathi Windus

December 24, 2007

Christmas Pictures of Molly’s Kids


Kobra is a certified narcotics detection K9, BH, in training for SChh titles. 

Both these boys are in-tact ( not neutered) and yeah, they live with two male chihuahuas (one intact) and 3 stupid cats.

Eagle and Kobra are bred, trained, and owned by Molly Graf.  Molly is well known for many years of trialing in schutzhund.  I could give that Eagle on the left he biggest kiss. 

December 22, 2007

What is REAL?


My definition: is very advanced obedience, tracking with a purpose of finding even tiny articles let alone a body, and protection has to be part of it. 

Schutzhund was designed to prove the breed in Germany and if it is not part of a training program then I feel the German Shepherd dog is not being developed to be a real working dog. 

Herding is real also but not exclusive for the shepherd breed whereas it is difficult to find breeds that truly excel in the three phases of schutzhund like the German Shepherd Dog.

Check out video of my Valor aka Polo:

December 18, 2007

Valor Protection Training

 Valor, a dog bred for serious work of a different kind.  At 11 months he was being trained as a police dog and now closing in on two years on 1/1/07, he is every inch the dog bred for that kind of work.  Valor is owned by Barbara Eichman, MD. 
December 1, 2007


I have put up videos on the Alta-Tollhaus website of the following:

  • Hoss's NASS 2007 bitework video by Garth Greenan

  • Chip's Schutzhund 2 test video by Karmen Byrd

  • Chip's Schutzhund 3 test video by Karmen Byrd

  • Bram's puppy training video video by Karmen Byrd

  • "Faithful Friends" video by Karmen Byrd

Click here for the links to the videos.

October 28, 2007

Schutzhund 3!

Another brag for Barb of Alderbach German Shepherds, but this time with a different dog.  A Schutzhund 3 for Chip with a high-in-trial tracking score of 98! This is Chips second time passing his Schutzhund 3.
Below is Chip on the retrieve.