IGP, IPO, SchH – Schutzhund

July 2, 2012

Camp Kayla_June 30_Kai

Yippie Kai Yay working with Scarlett & Susan: “Are you gettin’ my good side?”
July 2, 2012

Camp Kayla_June 30_Anja

Baby Anja, working with Susan:
July 2, 2012

Camp Kayla_June 30_Zorya Says…

“Carole! Papa Judd is trying to get me eaten by a bad, bad WOOF!” “You’re not holdin’ dat ball right.” “Dats why I’m sittin’ crooked!” “Papa […]
July 2, 2012

Camp Kayla_June 30_Slick Syd

Slick Syd: The party had better start or she’ll start it without you! Syd even gave Judd a workout!
July 2, 2012

Camp Kayla_June 30_Wild Winston

Wild Winston:
June 15, 2012

Pictures and Pictures of Pictures

This post has an assortment of pictures took with his new toy camera…cough cough Cannon. At training this Wed. Andrea gave a framed photograph she took […]
June 14, 2012

Brady Training June 12,12

E-litter Alta-Tollhaus Epic and Michelle Bloom schutzhund/IPO training with Gustavo Sanchez
June 8, 2012

All in a Day’s Training

Michelle and Brady at training (Alta-Tollhaus Epic E-litter) Tracking Obedience Protection, searching the blinds looking for the bad guy and there he is, the bad guy, […]
June 7, 2012

Brady Training May 30, 2012

Michelle and Brady ( E-litter Alta-Tollhaus Epic BH HOT Digger x Maika) The send out command