Gavin – Alta-Tollhaus Gavin

November 5, 2011

U Are Getting Sleepy

U-litter (Gavin – Zucca)
November 2, 2011

U-Litter 7 Weeks

November 1, 2011

U Pictures 6.5 Weeks

Tell me when you get tired of U-litter pictures and I will stop.
October 31, 2011

U-Litter Inside Pix and Vet Visit

Today the puppies had their well-puppy vet visit. The puppies settled right in for the ride and traveled like old pros. The vet visit was a […]
October 30, 2011

U-Litter Outside

U-litter puppy pictures from Jackie, Scott, and Jennie’s visit. The weather was OK for a while but it was thundering and our time outside was cut […]
October 29, 2011

Another Girlfriend

Gavin, the ladies man, with Jennie. Now for the real picture, he is not sitting next to Jennie, he is sitting on top of her. A […]
October 28, 2011

U and V Mini-Update

I know everyone is wanting to see pictures of the U and V litters. I promise they will be forthcoming this weekend. The U pups are […]
October 17, 2011

Pick ME!

The 4.5 week U-litter (Gavin – Zucca) pups vie for attention from their visitors.
October 15, 2011

U Up-Late

U-litter pups up late.  Their little noses are covered with food. Photos were taken without a flash so they are grainy. Gavin x Zucca U-litter