Gavin – Alta-Tollhaus Gavin

January 31, 2012

44 Paws

44 paws waiting to hit the ground. “Duhda” a breeding female from Leaderdog-for-the-Blind pregnant with Gavin babies due Feb 5th. Carol K. from Iowa is the […]
January 29, 2012

A girl and her dog. AKA: Lily and WTRanger

Here are some pictures of Lily and WTRanger bonding last Sunday.    
January 29, 2012

Walker Texas Ranger @ home

Here are some random snaps from the last week and a half of WTRanger in his new habitat.   I’m still trying to learn the new camera […]
January 26, 2012

Axel Dooley

New pictures of Axel from the U-litter Gavin x Zucca I intend to do lots of obedience with him – working with Moe Foley and Adele […]
January 26, 2012

Happy Birthday, JK!

Batman says, “Today is my Mom’s birthday. Maybe I’ll let her play with my wabbit.” The Batling – one month ago.  Happy Birthday, Jennie!
January 26, 2012

My House has gone to the Dog(s)

I did not remember how much stuff a puppy needed – kind of like a new baby. I have stuff all over the house that was […]
January 25, 2012

Keeping American Airlines Busy

W-litter (Gavin – Kira)  Pink collar girl and Green collar boy left yesterday on American Airlines.  Pink girl is being renamed Wicked, named by Charlene (owner […]
January 25, 2012

“To the (new) Batcave!”

Got Batman a new, bigger daytime crate (42″ Kennel Aire Pro Folding Suitcase) today. You think he likes it?
January 24, 2012

No Rules

Gavin says: visitors = no-rules-for-Gavin. Gavin snuggles with Kelli as he ignores the no dogs on the furniture rule.