On the way to NASS 2012

We left home at 4:00am on Monday October 15th and made it to Sandusky, OH the first night. We got up early Tuesday morning and headed for our first stop at Julie’s. We arrived early afternoon and were able to meet with Peter and Carole for some ring training. Peter was nice enough to do a little protection work with Aiden. That evening we went to Gustavo’s to watch the training. We spent the night in Marshall, MI and the next morning we went back to Julie’s for some more ring training (and a little protection work!) We took the boys for a nice long walk on Julie’s property and then headed out to Chicago. 

Ava greets Jack

Peter ring training with Ava

Carole and Kayla – protection work 

John and Marshall at training

Walking on Julie’s beautiful property

We checked in to the NASS host hotel, the Westin. Aiden and Dylan were pleased that the hotel was well above their usual standards of a Motel 6! 

Thursday morning we went to the NASS site to get Aiden familiar with the area and to set up our tent.

In the evening we picked my sister, Donna, up at O’Hare airport. Donna came up to support the AT team at NASS – her first experience at a Sieger Show.


Do You Live with an Alta-Tollhaus Dog?


Do you have an A-T dog in your life? If so, we would love to hear from you! There are many in our A-T family who visit the blog but don’t necessarily post. At least once a year (or much more often!) we would love to see some photos of your dog. If you don’t have time to post the pictures, please send them to me and I will post for you.  CarsinGSD@gmail.com

Y-Boy Fenris at Camp Kayla

I am only the assistant trainer. The master trainer had a new lesson for Fenris today: Puppies are NOT allowed on the furniture.


“Don’t even think of getting up here, kid!”


As soon as Fenris stopped trying to get on the chair, Kayla got down and played on the floor with him. She is very big on play=work=play, etc.


“Your toofs might be bigger but mine are sharper!”


Preparing for an ambush.


Just a little spitty but no worse for wear.  Fenris survived the master’s lesson. 😉