Camp Kayla Pool Party

Chica’s first pool session.  She will continue the A-T Water Dog tradition:






Kayla LOVES pool parties:

Willa – eh, not so much! I was getting ready to rush her for DNA testing. She would retrieve her toys from the pool but had no interest in getting wet. Until I began squirting her with the hose! She loves getting squirted in the face and biting the water.  Cancelled emergency DNA test—she is definitely an A-T dog. I am sure Julie will appreciate Willa’s new trick come bath time.  😉





Garbo says there is nothing better than a dip in the pool and then a good roll in the grass!

Happy Birthday Hermus and L-litter

From Shelley and Lou on May 22, 2013

Just wanted to send you a picture of Hermus taken today, his 3rd birthday! We just love him so much!! Had a nice little party for him. Thank you so much for the wonderful joy you have brought Lou and I.

Hermus on his third birthday:
Hermus when they brought him home:
Hermus is from the L-litter X-box x Kayla