October 25, 2011

P.S. Singer Smash Hit

I was so excited that I forgot to mention thay Singer earned another title. He earned his Herding Started title. He is now Alta Tollhaus Just […]
October 25, 2011

Another Smash Hit For Singer

Ok, I don’t know how much longer this will last but I’m going to enjoy it while I can. We had an AKC herding trial this […]
October 23, 2011

Funny Wins!

Funny (Faye von Kirschental) wins the Veterans Class! The judge praised her extensively for her condition and her quality. When they announced her age you could […]
October 2, 2011

Can Winston do this?

Cover Boy Roman
September 20, 2011


Guess who’s 6 months old, and weighs a whopping 77 lbs??? 😀 Happy 6 months to the rest of the S litter!!         […]
September 18, 2011

1st Rally Excellent Leg

As Ivan earned his Rally Advanced Title yesterday, and was already entered in today’s trial, I moved him up into Rally Excellent B. Ivan got his […]
September 18, 2011

Singer Hits Charts at #1

I had to judge an AHBA trial in Nevada this last weekend. Decided to take Singer along to compete. The drive up was about 12 hours […]
September 17, 2011

Just the Boys today…

Had a text message from Sydney early this morning: “Pa kilt a possum and cooked it on the grill—made Ma sick. Can’t come to class today.”   […]
September 17, 2011

Ivan earns his Rally Advanced Title

Yesterday and today Ivan was entered in the South Shore Kennel Club Rally Trial in Falmouth, MA. On Friday Ivan qualified in Rally Advanced B with a […]