February 18, 2008

Lance in the Show Ring

I had the pleasure of watching Laura show her young male, Lance (Vando x Chopper),  this past Saturday at the UKC show in Kalamazoo.  Lance won the Champion class the first show and was Reserve Champion the second show.  It was thrilling for me was to see how well Laura and Lance performed together in an area that is completely out of Laura's comfort zone. Many kudos to you Laura!  Lance is a beautiful moving dog. 

Now I just have to work on to get past feeling "out of control" when Lance moves out on the leash! Then they will be an almost flawless team!

February 13, 2008

Uno goes Best in Show at Westminster

Uno is co-owned by our friend Eddie Dziuk of Columbia MO. Congratulations Eddie!  Uno is not only the judge's pick but also the  popular choice of those that watched the show.

February 8, 2008

O’Stara Debut

O'Stara made her ring debut today in the AKC Rally Novice ring at the Toledo Kennel Club.  Handled, trained, and owned by Charlene Wiglesworth.  Stara performed beautifully on some of the exercises and startled once when she noticed a door in the wall that made up one side of the ring.  That door clearly was not suppose to be in the ring!
February 8, 2008

Again, its Sunni in Iowa

Julie, we trialed last weekend, her 4th run was a spare, fun run, in novice
standard.  I handler errored and blew past the dogwalk so fast, she just beat
feet to catch up with me.  She is a blast to run, responsive and quick, awesome
in the weave poles.  She's had an issue with the teeter, couldn't even tell this
past weekend.  I've taught her to paw one set low and praised her for making it
bang with good treats- so now its a game, too.  We show next mid March near Des
Moines.  Margie

Dear Kenneth & Marjorie Douglas,

The following information is being sent to the AKC for

Alta-Tollhaus Sunni Markenhof (Sunni)


    JWW-NB-REG - 24 Inch - Judge: Sharlee Schaafs

    Distance: 97 yards - SCT: 32 seconds

    Score: 95(Q) - Time: 31.97 seconds - 2nd place


    JWW-OP-REG - 24 Inch - Judge: Deborah Richey

    Distance: 139 yards - SCT: 40 seconds

    Score: 85(Q) - Time: 45.44 seconds - 1st place

    STD-OP-REG - 24 Inch - Judge: Sharlee Schaafs

    Distance: 170 yards - SCT: 69 seconds

    Score: 100(Q) - Time: 68.88 seconds - 1st place

January 23, 2008

100 Titles! Actually 101


......titles on one single dog. 

This weekend Charlene and Flash did it!

January 21, 2008

Rally Legs!

Liesje's first time ever in the ring at a real show and they did great!

"Kenya (Chopper)  and I got our first rally legs today! Kenya is my first dog and this was our first show so I was very nervous. We did Novice A and got an 86 and a 92. I got some pics with our ribbons and some still shots from a video (both thanks to Lu!). I will upload the video of our second run later."

Lies and chopper with their qualifying ribbons and the 3rd and 4th place placement ribbons.  they get my vote for the happiest and most attractive team!

January 10, 2008

First Brags of 2008

Kim and Bogey ( Vando x Chopper) CPE Agility Brags

Saturday January 5, 2008

  • 2nd Place Standard

  • 1st Place Fullhouse

Sunday January 6, 2008

  • 1st Place Standard

completing the requirements for a new title:


January 4, 2008

Bogey Brags

Lance was not the only one racking up the wins this past weekend, brother Bogey (Vando x Chopper)  and Kim were also doing well:

CPE Agility Dexter, MI

Friday Dec 28th:
   1st Place Colors
   3rd Place Fullhouse

Saturday Dec 29th:
   1st Place Jumpers
   1st Place Standard
   2nd Place Jumpers

Congratulations Kim!

January 2, 2008

Last Brags of 2007 for Laura

Laura's results from the Dec 31, 2007 CPE agility trial in Dexter, MI

Lance  - Jumpers/L2 - 1st.

             Snooker/L1 - 1st.

              Standard/L1 - 1st.

              Colors/L1 - 1st (with a smoking 13.52 running time - he beat Maggie's time of 14.90 - SCT of 41).

              New Titles: CSL1-H and CSL1-F


Only NQ was handler error causing Lance to NQ his Fullhouse run.  Lance is a Vando x Chopper son.


Maggie - Jumpers/L1 - 1st.

             Colors/L1 - 1st.

             New Titles: CSL1-H and CSL1-F


Jeannie - Jumpers/L5 - 1st.

              Fullhouse/L5 - 1st.

              Standard/L5 - 1st.


Happy New Year folks...