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July 12th, 2018 by Lisa: -- Libby & Ziva's mom

The weather word of the day was UGH! But Farm Dog Ziva Soldiered On!

Ziva and I entered an AKC Farm Dog certification test on April 15.  Should have been some not so bad spring weather, but it was not,  UGH was the word of the day for the weather!!!  It was cold, wet, 30 degrees, pelting ice rain, windy, ankle deep water and mud!!!!  It even kept the spectators in the barn.  They had to change out the goats for ponies since goats will not stay out in the rain.  The only ones outside for the test were the judge, Ziva and I.  Ziva quickly greeted the judge, followed me on a walking pattern around various pieces of farm equipment, hopped up on a bale of hay and stayed for 10 seconds and mercifully they had the 2 minute handler out of sight  supervised separation in one of the outbuildings.  We walked by another dog and neutral stranger on our way to a pen to “feed” the sheep.  She waited while I opened and entered thru the gate, then I invited her thru and closed it behind us.  I put her in a sit stay about 30 feet from the sheep and proceeded to take them their food & return to her.  We left that enclosure and walked by a tractor as it started up and over a plastic tarp and sheet of plywood.  Almost done, now we had to complete the Dog Approaches Livestock part of the test.  In this test, the handler, with the dog at side on a loose lead, enters a fenced area that contains livestock within a separate enclosure. The dog is introduced to livestock and encouraged to approach the pen, the dog is then called back to the handler and returns readily when called.  We had been warned by previous exhibitors one “special” pony in the herd  ran full speed up to the fence and challenged anything that approached-oh boy, not sure what to expect.  I was hoping by now the pony had tired of being a jerk, I was wrong.  As we approached, he barreled up, came to a sliding stop at the fence and shook his head and reared on his hind legs for good measure.  It was quite an impressive display.  Ziva was not backing down from the rude pony and stood her ground next to me and gave some impressive barks.  Pony’s bluff had been called and he wheeled around & took off back to the rest of the group.  Ziva looked at me wagging her tail.  Not sure how that would be scored since she barked, but did not offer to chase.  The judge said “what a good dog.”  Our final test was to examine her for farm debris and then thankfully into the office to warm up.  She passed test 1 and a few hours later ran her second test.  She passed test 2 to earn her AKC Farm Dog title & Mr. Pony did not come charging up on test 2 🙂  It was impossible to get photos in that weather, so here she is helping this last week getting the hay in.

June 29th, 2018 by Lisa: -- Libby & Ziva's mom

Ziva at the Hamburg Agility Trial May 2018

Ziva was entered in the Hamburg Agility Trial in Erie, PA  the weekend of May 26th.   This is our last trial for some time, as my cancer treatments are getting the best of me.  Ziva has been a champ greatly modifying her running style & paying extra close attention to suit my inability to run and handle the way I should.  She has also declared that until I am back on my feet she will not run for anyone but me.  I can hardly wait until we are together as a team again.  She always comes through for me.  BEST DOG EVER!

Ziva first class on Saturday was Master JWW.  She had a nice jumpers run and Q’d with 4th place.  I was able to get a video of her run below.

Her next class was Master Standard.  We did not place, but she did Q in spite of my not being able to properly handle her & came through for a double Q for the day!


Sunday her 1st class was Master JWW and she ran well.  We did not place, but she did Q for 15 PACH points.  This leg also earned her her Master Jumpers Bronze title!















As much as I wanted to try for another double Q, I just was not able to physically run the standard class, so we packed up, stopped for some ice cream for her and went home.



May 7th, 2018 by Lisa: -- Libby & Ziva's mom

Ziva working a little of this and a little of that

I had promised Ziva I would never take her in the ring again for an obedience sit/stay lineup after she was attacked 2 x in Novice,  Since there was a 3 minute out of sight sit and 5 minute out of sight down in open, that meant we would never try to get her CDX.  The AKC eliminated that exercise and replaced it with a command discrimination exercise, so it is game on for us again:)  She carried over the fear of the other dogs into all aspects of being in an OB ring, so we have been working on that anyway since I would like to show her in Rally.  We had the chance to enter a fun match over the weekend & I have never seen her happier in this type of setting.  There is still some worry, but she would work for food & toys which she never would do before AND she did not shut down. Some snippets of some of the Open A exercises are below


April 23rd, 2018 by Lisa: -- Libby & Ziva's mom

Ziva’s Fantastic Agility Weekend

Ziva was entered this last weekend in the Western Lakes Training Club Agility Trial in North Tonanwanda, NY.  This was Ziva’s first time back in the ring since her surgery 6 weeks ago.  On Friday her first class was Masters Standard.  Even with my handling errors, she Q’d with a 1st  place.  She was a bit of a stinker, you will notice she broke her sit at the startline on a few of the runs.  We need to get that back in order, because once the startline goes, everything will eventually fall apart.


On our way from the teeter to the triple.













The second class of the day was Master JWW.  She had another great run and qualified with a 3rd place giving us a Double Q!


Ziva was making sure no bars came down this weekend!













Saturday we were back and our first class was Masters Standard.  My timing felt like it was coming back and Ziva had a great run and Q’d with a 1st place.


Saturday afternoon we ran Master JWW.  There was a “hail Mary” moment when I was in the wrong spot to send her to a jump, but Ziva saved the day and we Q’d with a first place and our SECOND Double Q of the weekend!  Steak was on the menu for Ziva that night.


Ziva reading my queue to turn to go to the next obstacle after the weaves,  avoiding the very inviting trap that caught many dogs coming out of the weaves!












My tired agility dog!  Her hair is slowly but surely growing back in.













Sunday we were entered in Master Standard in the morning.  I made a handling error and she did not negotiate one of the obstacles correctly, so we did not qualify.

Our second Sunday class was Master JWW-she ran a really good run and qualified with a 1st place.  Since we did not have a Double Q riding on this run, I made sure to be sure she held her startline and she did 🙂 I need to be sure I watch this more closely in future trials.  There was a problem with my camera and we did not get video of any of Sundays classes on tape 🙁

Ziva watching me front cross so she knew which obstacle was next.  There was an obstacle discrimination after this jump and she read me like a book.












It was quite a weekend!  Ziva qualified in 5 of 6 classes run with 4 firsts,  a third place and 2 Double Q’s!

























As always she is a willing and consistent partner in our adventures!  She liked the steak part too!!!!



March 31st, 2018 by Lisa: -- Libby & Ziva's mom

Happy Birthday to Ziva and the rest of the Z’s

I can’t believe another year has gone by.  6 years ago on 3/30 Ziva aka Z-Evil One & her 7 litter mates were born!  She is my funny, versatile, hardworking girl.  Love her to pieces.