Multi- Performance Champion – – CT PACH Alta-Tollhaus Ziva!!!

I am over the moon to announce the German Shepherd Dog Club of America’s newest Multi- Performance Champion – – Alta-Tollhaus Ziva!!!! Ziva is the 11th German Shepherd Dog to have been awarded this title from the parent club. This award is given for dogs achieving a Championship in two or more Performance Venues. Ziva is a Champion Tracker and most recently earned her agility championship. 
Ziva’s full name and her various titles: PACH CT VP MPCH PAM Alta-Tollhaus Ziva, VCD1, CD, TD, TDX, VST, BN, RN, RA, RE, FDC , MXP, MXP2, MXP3,MXPB, MJP, MJP2, MJP3, MJP4,MJPB, PAX, NFP, ACT1, SCN, SIN, TDN, TKI, TKA,TKP DN, CGC, HIT, TC, TDI, AKC ACHIEVER DOG

Alta-Tollhaus Gavin x Alta-Tollhaus Bailey

Ziva playing agility, tracking & her favorite-entertaining her friends!

Ziva is my Novice A dog so we were trying our hands for the first time in all of these sports. What a ride this girl has taken me on!

Earning her Multi-Performance Championship and PACH in 2019 was a ray of sunshine for me after a really rough 2018. We stated to run again at the end of 2018 after a 6 month break. She really stepped up, getting the last 7 double Q’s in 10 trials.

In 2018 in spite of only showing for 5 months of the annual qualifying period, she was one of the top 20 preferred German Shepherd agility dogs and we were invited to compete at the nationals in October. Unfortunately, I may have pushed myself too much and on the way down, ended up in the hospital for a week in Ohio. Luckily my nephew lived close by and he was able to take Ziva until we were able to get her home.

In 2018 Ziva also qualified for the AKC 2018 National Tracking Invitational. We entered, but sadly we were drawn 24th for the 12 available slots.
Tracking is the sport that really holds her heart.  We started tracking in June of 2013 & she certified and passed her TD several months later on the first try in October.  In 2014 she passed her TDX on the 2nd try – her first TDX 2 weeks prior was the first time she ever crittered while tracking-what a surprise that was!    In 2017 she passed her VST and became a tracking champion on the 2nd try.
Since her CT, Ziva is enjoying another nose sport.  She loves AKC scent work and in the spring of 2018 earned her SIN and SCN titles in a weekend trial..

In 2016 she was a German Shepherd Dog Club of America Performance Award of Merit recipient. This award, is given, by the GSDCA in recognition of dogs displaying the incredible versatility and intelligence of the breed by completing titles (one at the most advanced level of training) in three different performance areas; Obedience, Herding, Agility, Tracking, or Working Dog events.

Our real story is not about blue ribbons and new titles.  We (well me anyway) may not be flashy and fast, but Ziva & I are a solid, united team on and off the competition field.
Years ago I told Julie on my application for a puppy that I just wanted a nice, healthy pet. I got that and so much more! I got the best dog in the world!  You may know her as Ziva, but she also answers to Z, Zivy Weavy and Twerple Derple.  Ziva is very special in her work ethic, devotion and willingness to try anything as long as we play the game together. She was my rock during 2018 when I was diagnosed with cancer in March. Ziva had been telling me it was there for several months, but I did not understand what she was saying. During 2 months of radiation and the surgery that followed she was my devoted nurse. Her head always found its way to my lap when I needed it during this very rough patch in my life.  Throughout my illness, she was always close by my side for support during radiation treatments, surgery and rehabilitation as I slowly regained my strength and use of my arm.  She took over as my chief nurse,  making it clear to all that her current assignment was not playing ball, chasing squirrels or going on walks. She would not go out with fur sister Libby and my husband to play in the back yard.  She was now always there, watching me.  Friends that know her well commented on how serious she had become & this made me sad because she is normally such a happy, playful girl.  On my second week home after surgery, she brought me her favorite well worn ball and put it on my chest.  She was telling me it was time to start getting back to normal & I believed her because she is always right.

Ziva reminds me that no matter what we do it’s just a game I’m privileged to play with my best friend. Laugh when you don’t Q and cry when you do and you’ll be playing it for the right reasons. Thank you Ziva!

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