nature photography

August 30, 2009

Bird on a fence post

Did I neglect to mention that it was a large owl? Saturday evening I passed this owl napping on the fence post. We were both quite […]
August 30, 2009

Major Tom and the Butterfly

Major Tom came by for a visit on Friday. Michelle, you are safe—my one-handed pix came out OK. Tom must have been interested in our conversation […]
August 27, 2009


No Kayla, no deer, no turkeys. Now I’m down to bugs! This fuzzy guy on the fence caught my eye. It wasn’t until later that I […]
August 22, 2009

My neighbors are looking for Kayla

A few turkeys stopped by this morning. They hopped up on Kayla’s fence and I swear they were looking for her! When they found the yard […]
August 4, 2009

MI Flowers

I have a very slow connection. If I can post a few flower pix, I’ll see what I can do about some of the dog & […]
July 19, 2009

The burn pile

This is my first attempt with fire using the dslr. And for those of you now wondering—no, I am not a firebug.
July 18, 2009

This and that

This is what happens when Julie doesn’t post photos of her pups—you have to put up with me. This is Stripe. He is not fat, but […]
July 10, 2009

The Raccoon

I just found out today that this raccoon and her youngster live two properties away in a giant oak tree. Her home is to the south […]
July 8, 2009

DeLeon Springs

Yep, the Fountain of Youth. Why do you think I look so good with being over 100? I am only showing you one side of the […]