November 20, 2007

Children of Norway Rift with the Mother Country

I just had to read this article and it reminded me of home....sooooooo Minnesotan!

NATIONAL   | November 20, 2007
Minneapolis Journal: For Children of Norway, a Rift With the Mother Country
Norway’s decision to shut its career consulate in Minneapolis has upset residents of the Upper Midwest, which is home to more Norwegian-Americans than any other region of the country.

November 14, 2007

Growing Old With Dogs

November 13, 2007

Man’s Best Friend

The dog continue’s to prove that they are man’s best friend in the fashion typical of the dog. Scientists are styudying the genome of the dog […]
November 5, 2007

Ten Dogs That Changed the World

November 4, 2007

The line between human and other animals….

That line between “human” and “other animal” keeps getting thinnerThe Social Lives of Baboons: How Baboons Think (Yes, Think) By NICHOLAS WADE Reading a baboon’s mind […]
November 3, 2007

Outsourced Brain

He needs a dog--"om" just doesn't cut it when it is time to go out

OPINION   | October 26, 2007
Op-Ed Columnist: The Outsourced Brain
I realized the magic of the information age is that it allows us to know less. It provides us with external cognitive servants.
November 1, 2007

Scientists Spot Dog Fur Color Gene

Scientists Spot Dog Fur Color Gene http://news.yahoo.com/s/hsn/20071101/hl_hsn/scientistsspotdogfurcolorgene
October 25, 2007

Two Pigs

What distinguishes us "higher animals" from "other animals" is here--but can we think of anything else?

The Rural Life: Two Pigs  By VERLYN KLINKENBORG
The questions people ask make it sound as though I should be morally outraged at myself, as if it’s impossible to scratch the pigs behind the ears and still intend to kill them.
October 20, 2007

Mother Wolf Fishing Alongside Grizzlies

We all know that dogs can learn by "aping" and apparently so can Wolves: