Karma von Trafalga

March 16, 2014


The pups are learning what “cookies” are. Or in non-michigan talk, treats, or small-soft-easy-to-eat-delicious morsels of food. I never heard treats called cookies until I moved […]
March 12, 2014

Another VP1 For Finn!

Another VP1 for Barb and Robert’s Alta-Tollhaus Finn (F-litter Pakros x Karma)!!!! This was at the Gulf Coast Schutzhund Club Ft. Myers, Florida conformation show SV-Judge […]
March 11, 2014

Faro at 10 Months

Faro from the F-litter Pakros x Karma Attached is the latest picture of Faro and a very short video – my camera battery quit.  He’s playing […]
March 7, 2014

Enosch x Karma Pups 3-Weeks Old

The O-litter Enosch x Karma puppies are 3-weeks old! Pink-collar girl: Baby-blue-collar boy: Teal-orange collar girl: she almost looks like a long coat but I do […]
March 1, 2014

O-Litter 3 Days Old

These are the O-litter pups at 3-days of age Enosch x Karma.  Yes it is true they are nearly 2.5 weeks old and I am just […]
February 15, 2014

We have VA Enosch Babies!

You have read the title and now know the Enosch pups have arrived, but before I tell you about the puppies I feel the need to […]
February 12, 2014

DM Test on Sale!

  DDC Vet Center now offering the DNA DM testing at a sale price.  Only $38…of course this right after I just ran 8 tests. 🙁 […]
February 9, 2014

Show Offs!

First they have to rub this beautiful Florida weather in our faces, then they dazzle us this hunk-a-hunk 10-month old male! I have to say I […]
January 9, 2014

Dog S*E*X*

For those old-timers remember how this was always standard practice to get a picture of the “tie”? I took this picture of Huck tied to Hummel […]