Judy vom Zisawinkel

December 17, 2015

B-Litter Duncan x Judy Pups Head Home

October 29, 2015

B & D Litters Play Date

B-litter Duncan x Judy D-Litter Hunter x Pala
October 29, 2015

B-Litter Duncan x Judy

B-litter head-shots at 44 days of age; Duncan von Messina x Yudy vom Zisawinkel Pink-Collar female: Blue-Collar male: Red-Collar male: Purple-collar male: B-Litter, B3, Duncan von […]
May 11, 2015

Y-litter Play Date

Naimah, Jayden, Tommie, Leslye, Elijah and the Y-litter girls Hunter x Judy: Five-year old Naimah: 10-year old Elijah: 8-year-old Jayden: Purple-flower long-coat girl finds a shady […]
May 1, 2015

Y's at 7-Weeks

The Y-litter at 7 weeks Hunter x Judy Blue-pink Gingham collar (long coat): Teal collar: Lime-green collar: Purple-flower collar (long-coat): Pink-green gingham collar:
April 29, 2015

Y-litter @ 6 Weeks

Y-litter Hunter x Judy litter 5 females Purple-flower collar Long Coat female Pink-green gingham collar: Blue-pink gingham collar Long-coat: Teal collar Lime-green collar
March 29, 2015

Y-Litter 16 Days Old

Pups at 7 days: Y-litter Hunter x Judy, Y2
March 23, 2015

Y-Litter 1 Week

Judy’s Hunter pups at a one week of age. Five girls. The pup in the middle is a long-coat girl with a very dark face like […]
January 30, 2015

Dozer Checking in from California

“Dozer” a long-coat male from the J-litter Gavin x Judy