Inga von den Amperauen

August 26, 2014

DuKe and Qwendi

August 23, 2014

Please welcome…Alta-Tollhaus Qwendi

Q-litter Gavin x Inga
August 18, 2014

Q-Litter 7-Weeks Minus One Day

Q-litter Gavin/Vegas x Inga litter at 7-weeks minus one day with Alvelo-Melina family. The ham, blue-flag collar boy: Diva (Leopard collar) girl: Pink-camo collar girl:
August 14, 2014

Q-Headshots @ 6-Weeks

Diva-collar girl: Peach-Teal collar girl: Blue-Flag collar boy: Pink-Camo collar girl, we could not get her to stop watching the puppies at our feet…sorry we will […]
August 14, 2014

Q-Litter Snap Shots

Q-litter from 10 days ago 4.5 – 5 weeks old. Do you remember the good-old days when I was always right on top of things on […]
July 26, 2014

Q-Litter Gavin/Vegas/Inga 3-Week Head-Shots

Diva (leopard) collar girl: Lime-green long-coat girl: Pink-Camo girl: Peach-Teal: Pink-Purple: Profile shot: Blue-Flag boy: Purple long-coat boy: The DNA has been sent in to AKC […]
July 25, 2014

Q-Litter Gavin/Vegas/Inga 3-Weeks

First trip outside! They were so thrilled they wanted to sleep. The two boys are on the left and wide awake, the stock coat to the […]
July 17, 2014

Q-Litter Que and Future Litters

Here are the first few anxiously awaiting homes for each category, listed in the order that deposits were received. Inga’s Q-litter has 2 males and 5 […]
July 8, 2014

Q’s 1 Week

Q-litter Gavin/Vegas x Inga. I ordered the DNA tests from AKC last night, ouch $502.50. ESI scent today was pine shavings, Pink Camo did not want […]