Hedi vom Kuckucksland

January 7, 2014

J & K-Litter Heading Home

Desiree and her new purple-collar boy from the J-litter (Gavin x Judy) Desiree has the patience of a saint she waited over a year for the […]
November 27, 2013

K-Litter November 27, 2013

The K-litter Gavin x Hedi at ~ 7-weeks Pink-red collar girl: Teal girl: Black-camo boy: Green-camo boy: Blue-flag boy: Red collar boy: Dark-green collar boy:
November 24, 2013

Gym and then Spa

J-litter (Gavin x Judy) and K-litter (Gavin x Hedi) enjoyed working out,  followed by pedicures and manicures
November 22, 2013

After Dark

More visitors, but this time it was after dark and the pups were already “tucked into bed” for the night. But did they mind missing some […]
November 22, 2013

The Mobsters

J-litter Gavin x Judy and K-litter Gavin x Hedi   Andria has a very awesome tug toy: You start off holding a puppy: But holding and […]
November 22, 2013

Martin Family Visit

J & K pups at 5-weeks.  The green-white collar pup from the J-litter took one look at Ava and never left her: J-litter Gavin x Judy […]
November 18, 2013

K-Litter Out-Takes at 4.5 Weeks

Random pictures of some of the K-litter Gavin x Hedi at 4.5 weeks. Dark-green boy: Kirsten with two of the boys: Sleeping around the water-cooler:
November 18, 2013

K-Litter Head Shots @ 4.5 Weeks Gavin x Hedi

The K-litter Gavin x Hedi at 4.5 weeks. Pin-red-collar girl: Teal-collar girl: Black-camo collar boy: Green-camo-collar male: Dark-green collar male: Blue-Flag-collar boy: Red-collar boy:
November 17, 2013

K-Litter Gavin x Hedi

K-litter Hedi x Gavin born October 9 -10, 2013; 5 males and 2 females: Fast-forward 3 weeks: