Favorite Things

September 6, 2012

Favorite Things: Karen’s K9 Kitchen Homemade Shampoo

At the risk of embarrassing our beloved Food Guru Karen, I’ve got to give her a huge shout-out for her fabulous homemade shampoo! After hearing about […]
July 22, 2012

Dear Mama Julie… part 2

I’d like to thank you for posting the tripe topic because it reminded my absent minded momma to feed me my green tripe. This is my […]
July 21, 2012


Green Tripe is good a thing. It literally smells like, well lets not be delicate, it smells like shit. Dogs love it and it is good […]
July 5, 2012

Favorite things: 10% off bestbullysticks.com until July 8

Coupon here. Batman likes the 12″ thick bully sticks (pictured below). I prefer the odor-free ones. They last about an hour if he’s really dedicated to chewing. […]
June 11, 2012

A and B Litter Updates

The puppies are doing super.  They are going to my DVM on Friday the 15th and Saturday the 16th for their well-puppy check.  Sometime this week […]
May 26, 2012


Pacific sardines are featured on the Super Green List of the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch. The Super Green List is considered “the Best of the […]
May 13, 2012

Footwork Ladder with Side Rails

The plans for this ladder were found on Instant Agility – very cool site! http://www.instantagility.com/2008/05/02/footwork-ladder-with-side-rails/ I went out this morning to take some closeups of the […]
May 10, 2012

Favorite Things: The PetTube

By popular demand, here is more info on the PetTube that Carole spotted in my road trip photo. It retails for $146, but I lucked out […]
May 10, 2012

Special Batmobile Dog Transport System

It is great that Jennie can take Batman along on some of her travels.  Did you notice the thing in the photo called Pet Tube? This […]