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April 7th, 2018 by Lynda

O’Connor starts IPO Training

Last week was typical Spring time weather on Cape Cod. We had snow, rain, hail and even a thunder storm. On Thursday it was quite cold and windy but the sun was shining. After work Jack and I took all three dogs for a short walk and romp on a soccer field.

Just before Connor came to live with us we found out that Mario, the IPO Instructor Aiden and I trained with, moved to Indiana. We were devastated. Fortunately for us and Connor, and many other handlers and dogs, Mario has decided to return to Massachusetts weekly for training.

This morning we met Mario to start Connor’s IPO Training.

Phase 1 – Puppy tracking

Phase 2 – Puppy Obedience

Phase 3 – Puppy Protection

On the way to meet Mario on the field Connor stopped to check out the “big boy” sleeve.

This is Aiden in August 2012 at 4 months old at his first day of IPO training.

This is his son, Connor, at 11 weeks old at his first day of IPO training.

We had a great time reconnecting with Mario and many friends. Connor took right to it and had a lot of fun.

Aiden even got some bite work in but Jack did not have the camera with him then. I need to get better “Kennel Help”


October 19th, 2014 by Lynda

Aiden IPO-2

On Sunday October 19, 2014 at the Quinebaug Schutzhund Club IPO Trial in Mansfield Center, CT Aiden was entered in IPO-2. This was a three-day trial with 11 BH, 6 AD, 6 IPO-1, 7 IPO-2, 10 IPO-3, 1 TR-1, 1 TR-2 and 1 FH entered and judged by SV Judge Heinz Kruse.

We drove to CT on Friday, even though we were scheduled to compete on Sunday, as there were many dogs/owners entered on both Friday and Saturday that we knew and wanted to support.

Dylan and Aiden relaxing at the hotel. Where are we supposed to sleep?? (this was not a staged picture)10-18-14 iphone 001 (4)

Sunday morning we woke up to find the weather was overcast and 45 degrees….perfect for Aiden! There were 10 IPO and 1 FH dogs scheduled to track. We convoyed to the tracking fields at the University of Connecticut (Uconn) just as the sun was coming up.

10-19-14 iphone 001 - Copy

Aiden did the best track of his life! He “nailed” the corners, clearly indicated the articles and must have impressed the judge as he got a score of 100.

In Obedience Aiden did the long down first, which he did perfectly. Once we started the formal obedience routine it was obvious that the nice cool weather had Aiden “wound up” resulting in him being very enthusiastic and more “bouncy” in heeling than normal. Unfortunately it took two commands to get him to stop during the Stand in Motion. At the wall (A-Frame) Aiden ran up to it but did not go over. He was too close then to go over it but thought it through and went around. He retrieved the dumbbell and came back over the wall! He got a score of 84.

In Protection Aiden did very well. I had to give him a second command to “out” but otherwise he had a good routine. He got a score of 92.

Aiden’s total score was 276 and he earned his IPO-2 at one day shy of his 2 year, 6 month birthday. This was the highest score of the seven IPO-2 dogs resulting in High IPO-2 in Trial.

 SV Judge Heinz Kruse presenting me and Aiden with our High IPO-2 trophy 10-19-14 059

A rare picture of me and Jack 10-19-14 070


10-19-14 091

U-Ch., SG Alta-Tollhaus Aiden IPO-2, CD, RE, OAP, OJP, NFP, HT, TC, TDI, CGC


October 30th, 2013 by Julie

More Photos from Orange Kounty Show

More pictures from the Orange County Schutzhund Klub Trial, breed Survey,and Conformation show in New York, Here is the gorgeous Faust vom Trafalga (Glen x Karma). Faust, also the baby in his class at one-year and a few days in the 12 – 18 month class.
Team Alta-Tollhaus at the NY show:
Barb got a little protection practice in with Syd (Alta-Tollhaus Prada P-litter Cuervo x Kira), that is Presi holding the leash, and Steve House doing the helper work. Syd is a natural.

Karma during her stand portion of her breed survey (Körung). Thank you Jack for the photos:

September 20th, 2013 by Lisa: -- Libby & Ziva's mom

Ziva’s Beau

I think he is doing his best to show off .  What do you think? She was quite smitten








June 4th, 2013 by Julie

Video from Josie’s Training Club

You can see Josie’s Alta-Tollhaus Senon “Koda at 1:22

K9 Working Dogs BBQ day. from Khoi Pham on Vimeo.