BSZS V1 Kampus Vom Drei Birkenzwinger IPO2 KKL

I am excited to announce our next litter will be sired by the world-famous BSZS V1 Kampus vom Drei Birkenzwinger IPO2 KKL. Kampus was awarded the highest show rating possible at the BSZS – V1 – for a young male not old enough to present a progeny group. November 3rd, 2019 Kampus turned three years meaning his oldest progeny will be eligible to compete at the 2020 BSZS making him eligible to be awarded a show rating of VA. It will be exciting to watch this rising star reach even greater heights.

Kampus was bred to Bonnie aka Alpha del Vento Margio IPO1 A-Normal H + E.  Bonnie Beautiful female, strong with excellent breed type.

B-litter: Kampus x Alpha is due December 2019 (B4)

Click here to see pedigree of Kampus vom Drei Birkenzwinger

Google translation of 2018 BSZS Judges Report:
The youngest dog of the year 2018 is a medium-sized, medium-strong, very full-bodied, dry and strong, very well-pigmented, typical male, equipped with excellent building conditions male. He has a strong, very well formed head with very good mask formation, dark eye and correct ear position. Kampus has a high long withers, a solid straight back with very good length and position of the croup. The upper arm is also of very good length and location. He has a correctly angled hindquarters with very good stability. The front is straight, he has a very balanced forechest and a commendable subline. Kampus is already equipped with a commendable closure in the forehand. The male shows in all required gaits very spirited, sublime courses, with praiseworthy equilibrium position, with absolutely straight tread. The aisles are presented with a lot of power and space. He has taken a very positive development from the beginning of the year to the winner’s show. He was already very convincing at the biggest national breed show, which he won sovereignly. Kampus is bred without inbreeding. He leads in his ancestors Vegas and Upper and offers itself as a balance partner for the desired medium size, especially for the Remo and Hill line.

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