Trickster Ziva

We always knew that Z-Evil one has many tricks up her sleeve, but now there is proof 🙂

On June 8,  Libby and I were asked to help with a Canine Good Citizen Test for our club as the meet and greet dog, so Ziva also tagged along.   At the end of the CGC testing they were doing testing for the new AKC Trick Dog title, so I signed up Ziva along with Libby.

Ziva has her CGC, so she needed to do 5 tricks from the novice tricks list.  Each trick needs to be done twice.  We chose; get in the box, walk on a balance beam, get your dish, Hand signals only for down, sit or come-She did sit, and hold for 3 seconds.  Ziva performed all 5 tricks for her Trick Dog Novice title (TKN)

Some of Ziva’s novice Tricks;

IMG_2469 IMG_2437























The next level is Trick Dog Intermediate.  They need to perform 10 tricks from the intermediate tricks checklist.  As in novice, they need to perform each trick 2 times.  We chose;   carry a basket, catch,  fetch and give. Interactive canine treat game,  Find it, Go to place, Hand signals only-3 in a row ( Sit, down and stand), Leg weave, Paws up and pray and Pushed a button to turn on a light.  Ziva performed all 10 tricks to complete her Trick Dog Intermediate title (TKI)!

Some of Ziva’s intermediate Tricks;

IMG_2459 IMG_2465











IMG_2404 IMG_2443












We were on a roll and all of the silly tricks and games I have played with Ziva over the years were paying off, so we decided to try the advanced test.

For Trick Dog Advanced they need to perform 5 tricks from the advanced tricks checklist.  These tricks only need to be performed once.  We chose the following; spin right and left, Place chin on the ground, Down on command from a distance, Pick up and take toys to the toy box and agility weave poles.

Once again, Ziva did all the tricks and passed for her Trick Dog Advanced title (TKA)!


One of Ziva’s advanced tricks-chin on ground;












“Z-Evil Trickster” with her new title ribbons.

PAM Alta-Tollhaus Ziva VCD1 (CD, NAP, NJP, TD), BN, RE, TDX, AXP, AJP, ACT1, DN, HIC, TDI,TC, CGC, TKA

















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