Trick Dog Libby

On June 8,  we were asked to help with a Canine Good Citizen Test for our club as the meet and greet dogs and am happy to report that all of the CGC dogs tested passed!  At the end of the CGC testing the evaluator was also doing the new AKC Trick Dog testing and asked if I wanted to try the test.  I had heard about it, but was not really sure what was involved.   I was assured they already knew enough that they would be able to do novice, so why not!

Libby has a CGC, so she needed to do 5 tricks from the novice tricks list.  Each trick needs to be done twice.  We chose;

  1. Getting in a box
  2. Walking on a balance beam
  3. Getting on a platform with all 4 feet
  4. Hand signals only for down, sit or come-we did down.
  5. Hold (an object in their mouth for 3 seconds)

Libby passed her Trick Dog Novice (TKN) class with flying colors and was ready for more so we looked at the tricks for the next level and decided to go for it!  Below are Some of her novice tricks.






For the Trick Dog Intermediate (TKI) test, they need to perform 10 tricks from the intermediate tricks checklist.  Again, they need to perform each trick 2 times.  Libby selected the following tricks;

  1. Catch
  2. Game (the dog needs to figure out an interactive canine treat game)
  3. Go find (I hid and she found me)
  4. Hand signals (stand, sit, come, down, must do any 3 in a row)
  5. Push button-Libby activated an “easy button.”
  6. Shell game (found a treat under 1 of 3 cups)
  7. Sit pretty
  8. Wave good-bye
  9. 6 Weave poles
  10. Go to your place (her place mat from 10 feet away)

Some of her Intermediate tricks.






Libby successfully completed all 10 tricks to pass her Trick Dog Intermediate (TKI) test!

Alta-Tollhaus Sweet Liberty CD,BN,RA,FDC,THD,HIC,CGC, TKI















One thought on “Trick Dog Libby

  • July 16, 2017 at 7:49 am

    Good girl, Libby! It looks like she had a great time “performing!” I love the picture of her sitting in the box. What a sweetie she is!

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