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October 19th, 2017 by Julie K.

Mika’s 1st show – 15 weeks old

Mika was entered in OG Idaho’s Fall show, she was awarded VP2 by Judge Helmut Koenig. Though she was the youngest puppy, she performed very well in the ring.

It was a crazy day, we left the house at midnight, drove 8 hours to the show, stayed for 2 hours and then drove home. Thank goodness for coffee! Such good experience for Mika; she got the hang of it really quick. We are hoping to attend the NW regional show this weekend.


171008_103525 20171009_161122

171008_103004 171008_103057


August 24th, 2017 by Julie K.

Steve at USCA Sieger 2017 Macon, GA

Hey guys,

I just got Steve’s pictures back from the national show this Spring and wanted to share them. We did this show the year before and he took third place in his class, needless to say I was overjoyed when he placed first this year! Such a cool experience – we are so proud of our little guy 🙂


Alta-Tollhaus Ulfr “Steve” – Hunter x Juno Nov.2014 litter

20170422_14549_2017 Sieger Show_Alta-Tollhaus-ZF-10730-26107-1-001-001 20170422_14557_2017 Sieger Show_Alta-Tollhaus-ZF-10730-26107-1-001-002 20170422_14580_2017 Sieger Show_Alta-Tollhaus-ZF-10730-26107-1-001-005 20170422_14592_2017 Sieger Show_Alta-Tollhaus-ZF-10730-26107-1-001-006 20170422_14717_2017 Sieger Show_Alta-Tollhaus-ZF-10730-26107-1-001-009 20170422_14735_2017 Sieger Show_Alta-Tollhaus-ZF-10730-26107-1-001-010

May 2nd, 2017 by Julie K.

USCA 2017 Macon, GA

Alta-Tollhaus Ulfr “Steve” is SG1!

Here are some photos that were sent to me 😃

IMG_6606 IMG_20170428_165137_895 IMG_20170422_174150_075 received_1682642298431191

November 16th, 2016 by Lynda

Veteran’s Day and Commemorative Coin

Last year on Veteran’s Day my mother and I went to see the flags at the 3rd Annual “Field of Honor” hosted by the Amvets and the Dennis Chamber of Commerce. There were over 350 flags on display as a tribute to our serving military, veterans, first responders and community heroes.


This year my mother and I went to Brewster to attend a ceremony to honor veterans.

Brewster Police, Brewster Fire and Brewster V.F.W Honor Guardsimg_8098

Brewster Policeimg_8112

I was still very interested in the “Field of Honor” and when I checked on line for it I noticed that the Colonial Flag Foundation was offering commemorative coins for the 15th anniversary of the attacks on September 11, 2011 for sale. The Colonial Flag Foundation develops and implements programs to promote patriotism, a sense of civic duty and honor for those who serve our country. Their programs encourage volunteerism and unity, generate awareness and raise funds for a wide array of issues in support of civic, service and other nonprofit organizations, and create an environment that helps to heal, honor, celebrate and educate.

We ordered the coin that is in honor of the K9 heroes. It is even more special to us as it features our two favorite breeds.








September 14th, 2016 by Julie K.

Steve’s end of summer bash.

Steve got to attend Fall Fest at Schweitzer mountain resort in northern Idaho! 🌲 He did so well and made lots of new friends. I think at least fifteen people, perhaps more, came up to me to ask about Steve. 🐶

Steve is a couple months shy of two years old and is from Hunter and Juno’s first litter. If any of you soon to be puppy parents following this blog would like to see more photos of a Hunter/Juno long coat check out his Instagram. @stevetopdog





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