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September 19th, 2018 by Julie

2-Week-Old S-litter Bello x Yoyo

Ok I have to say this litter has me quite confused. In my head I am thinking these pups are two-weeks old, but wait, surely I am wrong and forgot about week two, because these puppies are not acting like two week old pups. They are getting out of their pen, they are wrestling and playing with each other like 3-week-old pups. Look at this their newborn puppy collars are as large as they will go and it is time to switch to the next size collar. The collar switch happens at 3-weeks of age, not 2. Julie, you need to go check the calendar, you have lost a week, these pups are surely now 3-weeks old not 2-weeks. OK, I am looking at the calendar, born September 3rd and today is September 17th…no you are not going crazy and have lost one whole week, they are only two weeks old. Dear puppy people, this is your first official warning that these pups “may” be a handful!

Yoyo with her 2-week-old beasts:



Blue-collar male:

Blue-collar male:


Pink-collar long-coat female:


Lime-green collar female:


Lime-green collar female:


Camo-collar male:


Camo-collar male:




September 10th, 2018 by Julie

S-Litter: One-Week Bello x Yoyo

The two boys and two girls from Bello and Yoyo’s litter are already one-week old!


Lime-collar female:

Camo-collar male:

Pink-collar female, maybe a long-coat?:

Blue-collar male:

S3, S-litter, Bello x Yoyo

September 7th, 2018 by Julie

Bello x Yoyo S-litter Has Arrived!

Yoyo strongly believes that sleep is over-rated, especially when it comes to my sleep (Julie) keeping me awake with her Saturday, Sunday, and finally delivering her pups early Monday morning, September 3, 2018. Please note that in between, digging, scratching, panting, and nesting – Yoyo took frequent cat naps, I got to watch her nap. 🙂 I was able to go to sleep in my own bed around 9 am on Labor day. Yoyo was by then in full-mother mode being the exceptionally attentive mother that she always is. All the pups were born at the same weight! As of the date of this post, September 7th, the pups have gained several ounces… and I am still working on catching up on my sleep. A shout-out of thanks to Carl for sitting with me Sunday night-Monday morning and helping me welcome the pups to the world!


July 9th, 2016 by Julie

Bello Photos – V Alta-Tollhaus Kazmir

More pictures of Bello, V Alta-Tollhaus Kazmir IPO1 KKL A-Normal H+E, OFA H-Excellent, OFA E-Normal.  Bello is out of a sire (Gavin)  and dam (Hedi) that are both DNA tested for DM and are both clear/clear.

Bello is expecting his first litter out of SG1 Alta-Tollhaus Ava IPO1 OFA H-Good E-Normal, DM Clear/clear.

These are pictures of Bello taken the day of his BH:




Bite work photos from April 2015:


Retrieve over the meter jump October 2015:

July 9th, 2016 by Julie

Bello BH

Bello – V Alta-Tollhaus Kazmir IPO 1, KKL1 A-normal H + E

Video of Bello doing his BH with his owner, trainer, and handler:

Bello has been bred to Alta-Tollhaus Ava IPO1 OFA H-Good E-Normal.  The litter is due approx August 8th.  This will be a super litter with line-breeding on two great dogs: “Funny” Faye vom Kirschental 3 – 3 and 2 times German sieger Vegas du Haut Mansard SchH3 KKL LBZ 4 – 4.

Click here to go the pedigree database to see the pedigree of the Bello x Ava litter.