“Lia” #1 Ranked GSD in UKC 2020 EGCH SG Alta-Tollhaus Telluride BH-VT, Zap1, SPOT-ON

A-Stamp Normal H+E+Spine (LÜW 0 and free of OCD), OFA Dentition, Patella, Cardiac, Eyes, DM Clear/Clear

SG Olina von der Zenteiche IPO1, KKL

A-stamp H+E, DM Clear/Clear

SG Margarita du Val d’Anzin IPO1 KKL LBZ

A-Stamp H+E Normal/Normal, DM Clear

SG Nizzy du Val D’Anzin IPO1 KKL LBZ

A-Stamp H+E Normal/Fast Normal, DM Clear/Clear

“Drea” SG1 Alta-Tollhaus Phaedra TR1, BH-VT, CGC

TKI, NV, CA, OFA Hips-Good OFA Elbows-Normal, OFA-Dentition, OFA-Cardiac, DM Clear/Clear

SG Ola vom Haus Linde IPO1

A-Normal H + E, DM Clear

SG Gemma del Vento Margio IPO1 KKL LBZ

A-Normal H+E DM Clear

SG Queen Victoria del Vento Grecia IPO1 KKL

A-Normal H+E

SG Hummel vom Haus Licher IPO1 KKL LBZ KKL

A-Normal H+E