Long-Dangerous Tails

Click on "Long-Dangerous Tails" to visit our Alta-Tollhaus blog about German Shepherd Dogs and their people.

Welcome to Alta-Tollhaus!

At Alta-Tollhaus German Shepherds, we breed first and foremost for temperament and health. Our mission is to produce clear-headed, self-confident, social dogs that are incredibly beautiful and versatile. Our dogs are very intelligent—they are a thinking dog, eager to please and always loyal. Read more…

Alta-Tollhaus Super Pup Neonatal Program

For nearly two decades Alta-Tollhaus has been applying Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) with all of our puppies. As of January, 2014, we have expanded our Neonatal Stimulation Program to include Early Scent Introduction (ESI). Read more…

Attention Breeders & Puppy Buyers!

Please check with us before selling a puppy or buying a puppy from someone using Alta-Tollhaus as a reference or an implied association with Alta-Tollhaus.