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Greetings from the road

We are visiting a friend who has had horses and

shepherds for years, and thought you would like to

know her reaction:
     1) he has the best head I have ever seen
     2) he can always stay in a crate at my house–

        but you will have to fight me to take him

     3) there is only one thing wrong with him:  my

        name won’t be on his papers
Last night he met the horses.  When he was lifted up

to see my horse god-daughter Tariat, he kissed her–I

think she was totally bemused.  He is also fascinated

with Gunnar the Dobe, Uncle Goon (probably because he

never saw one before).
He is still having problems with car sickness, but his

Uncle Mark did too at that age–probably has something

to do with inner ear development.
Please tell Tiffany she did a great job on the house

training.  Rafe is now sleeping 7-8 hours at night,

and heads for the door whenever he needs to go out.