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Rafe says hi!  He had a nice walk, and will be ready

for dinner soon.  I think he will enjoy being an

uncle.  Of course, he enjoys everything.

Rafe discovered he could go out to get one glove and

then, if he turned properly, he could trot over to

collect another one.  We are talking about it.

More later—about time for the evening dinner and walk



Saturday with Rafe

It was a nice afternoon (finally), so I decided to

take Rafe for a walk on one of the bike trails (a

former railroad bed that is now gravel and dirt,

running though fields).  We drove over to the starting

point, parked, and headed past the other cars toward

the trail.  A middle-aged couple were unloading their

bikes from the back of a truck, and she just watched

him coming and then said, “What a beautiful . . .

companion.”  Then she added:  “He is just too

beautiful to be called a dog.”  Rafe naturally went

over to them, kissed their hands (very politely, for

once, did not jump on them), and made friends.
Needless to say, we are now keeping him for at least

another week.

Rafe Report

Just had Rafe in for his heartworm check and realized

I had not let you know about him for a long time.
He continues to be himself, just on a larger scale.

He is now taller than Mark, so probably about 28

inches at the withers, and around 74 pounds.  We think

he looks a great deal like his dad, especially the

picture on your web site with Omar coming straight at

the camera.
When we went into the vet clinic, he lost it in the

waiting room—there was another dog on the other side,

and he really wanted to go over and play.  They put

him in an exam room, and he was delighted to see the

vet techs—stood up on his back feet, then sat, shook

hands, and kissed them as they removed his blood.

They were impressed—also enjoyed how gently he took

We are working on taking the dumbbell, and his

approach is certainly different—no objections to

taking it, but then he just lets it slide out and fall

on the floor.  Usually a little touch under the chin

reminds him, and he is always agreeable about it.
The tennis ball is still the greatest thing in his

world, so we have “bait” when we need it.