Aiden and O’Connor have visitors from England

My cousin and his family flew from England to New York City. His son was running in the NY Marathon. After a few days in NYC my cousin and his wife took the train to Boston. They then came to the Cape for a quick visit with us.

On Saturday morning we were up early and took the dogs for a romp in the Bell’s Neck Conservation area in Harwich.

Later in the day I took the visitors sightseeing. We stopped at the historic Brewster Store.

On our way to Chatham we swung in to BPD for a quick visit

Then to the Chatham Fish Pier where we saw seals.

and to Chatham Light

On Sunday we went to Crosby Landing. There is a Crosby Beach in England that is close to where my cousin lives and they wanted to see our Crosby Beach. Of course the dogs came too!

In late morning Jack and I took our visitors down Cape for more sightseeing. Our first stop was at the site of Marconi’s first transatlantic wireless radio transmission in Wellfleet.

The three of us on the actual site.

We continued on to Provincetown. We went to the Pilgrim Monument and climbed to the top. What a magnificent way to see the Cape.

That’s us at the bottom of the tower! There are 116 steps and 60 ramps to the top.

Me inside the tower

The view from the top

On Commercial Street heading for lunch.

Sadly this morning it was time to say goodbye as our visitors head home to England.




One thought on “Aiden and O’Connor have visitors from England

  • November 12, 2018 at 11:49 pm

    Thank you for sharing the awesome pictures and adventure. Still waiting for my turn to make it out to the Cape!

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