Midnight Training

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  1. McDonald Family says:

    Thank you Mom for taking pictures of Brian and Natasha…they make such a great team! But you can take that one picture out…you know which one I’m talking about 🙂

  2. Al & Karen says:

    Nice job everyone, your really progressing nicely!
    No way Tiffany, no special treatment! LOL

  3. Carole says:

    Michelle & Brady are old pros—always look great.

    Way to go, Brian & Natasha! Another stellar first-time dog trainer!
    Nope, that picture needs to stay! Miss you, Tif.

  4. Ann K. says:

    I agree with Carole, Tif–we see you rarely, and we miss you.

    Now for today’s question to everyone, prompted by these pix and our training session last night, the last time we will have any daylight for months and yesterday’s morning temp of 19. Has anyone yet found the perfect winter training gear? Something relatively lightweight, flexible, but warm enough for those minus temps? All suggestions welcome!

    OK, sun is finally coming up far enough so it is time to lay a track.

    • Julie says:

      My winter gear recommendations are: layers. A hooded sweatshirt is a must, you can put the hood up when you need and take it off when you are trying to hear your trainer. I where hiking boots with two pairs of socks one of which is thick wool. Gloves that you can snap and unsnap hooks with, when you are during down time put on a pair of warm mittens.

      • Al & Karen says:

        I would add that when I look for gloves I try to find them with some grip in the palm. I
        I like to be able to stop that leash when I need to.

  5. Carole says:

    To solve your winter problems:
    1. Come to FL and train with Grizz and Syd.
    2. Agree with lots of layers and hooded sweatshirt.
    3. Dick’s – Hunting Dept for Gloves. They have the little grippers for shooting a rifle.

  6. Michelle says:

    I love the night sky in these pictures…I think it looks cool!

    Tiff is almost as elusive as Julie is when it comes to being photographed. Natasha is doing awesome – she is bad ass on the Schutzhund field!

    I wear lots of layers, smart wool, hoodie, and I especially like my thermos of Hot Chocolate to keep me warm. On the really cold days, I use hand warmers in my gloves and toe warmers in my boots.

  7. josiem says:

    Oh my, I don’t think I will complain about training the cold again, it was only 50 degrees the other night.

  8. Andrea says:

    Michelle always looks like she is spot on and as for Brian and Tiff, their progress has been ridiculously fast.

    Matt and I will be missing a few Wednesday night training sessions as I am stuck in Englnad having just had my appendix removed. Huge shock to me!

    Miss you all!

    • Carole says:

      Andrea! We have hospitals in the US capable of that sort of thing. You are supposed to go to England for a vacation. Hope you are feeling better! Hugs.

      • Andrea says:

        I know – it would have been a lot easier if I’d known I had a problem and got it resolved before I set off! Came over here to spend a long weekend with my friends and family, within 24 hours I’m rushed off to emergency to remove a burst appendix! I’m just so glad I didn’t end up having this happen to me half way across the Atlantic! Can’t get back for two weeks due to the risk of blood clots on the flight! What a mess!

      • Julie says:

        OH that is funny! Maybe she is afraid of obama care?

        • josiem says:


        • Andrea says:

          Well actually I’ve herad horror stories of the British NHS recently. It used to work fabulously until they brought in the two tier system of NHS and private health care, not to mention the influx of immigrants from various European countries taking its toll on bed availability, so my preference would have been to stay Stateside, had I known I was going to have this problem. Luckily, it was an extremely pleasant surprise for me to be in and out so quickly with, what seems so far anyway, to be a relatively straight forward recovery and no MRSA or super bug infections or complications.

  9. Al & Karen says:

    Andea get better soon! Over the Atlaantic would not have been a good thing at all.

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