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March 19th, 2017 by Lynda

Aiden in the Teamwork Agility Trial

This weekend Aiden was entered in the Teamwork Agility Club of Central Massachusetts Trial.

On Saturday in Masters Standard Aiden had a nice run. He qualified with 4th place and earned 18 MACH points.

He had a super run and qualified in Masters JWW with 2nd place, earning 9 MACH points AND a Double Q!


IMG_9240 (2)

IMG_1020 (2)

Aiden’s friend Yasha was at the trial this weekend also and in between classes they got to run and play in the snow.




On Sunday in Masters JWW Aiden had a great run BUT …..the last bar came down. NQ!

In Masters Standard Aiden knocked a bar over a tricky jump that had him heading right to the wall. Only one dog out of 10 in the 24″ class qualified. Several knocked the same jump.

Yasha was at the trial again today so after they played we made them pose for a photo

IMG_9299 (2)

IMG_9211 (2)

March 18th, 2017 by Lisa: -- Libby & Ziva's mom

Happy 6th Birthday Libby and the rest of the “S” Litter

Happy 6th birthday to Libby and all her litter mates-Sammy, Koda, Zeta, Huck, Chloe, Sade, Obie & 1 we lost track of.


Love this dog-thank you Julie!











Such a sweet girl-with her tee pee ears!

Alta-Tollhaus Sweet Liberty_Sept 4, 2016_Carole

















Always a loved member of the family.












Alta-Tollhaus Sweet Liberty CD,BN, RE, THD, TDIA, HIT, CGC
(X-Box Dei Precison x Vallie vom Haus Kirschental)


March 17th, 2017 by Lynda

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

3-16-17 (94)

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all in the AT Family;

May your day be filled with sunshine and shamrocks

From Lynda, Jack, Dylan and Aiden

3-16-17 (97)


3-12-17 (19)



March 15th, 2017 by Lisa: -- Libby & Ziva's mom

Snow shovel supervisor

We had over 3 foot of snow in the last 2 days, so Ms. Libby  was on duty.

Hey, do you know how to use this?












Here let me get it for you.












You’re supposed to push it













For crying out loud, push it-here let me show you how!


March 10th, 2017 by Lynda

Aiden at the YGRC Agility Trial

Yesterday we left the Cape early to head to New Hampshire for the Yankee Golden Retriever Club Agility Trial on Friday. This was for Masters/Excellent Dogs only. After checking in to the hotel we took Aiden for a lovely walk at the Piscataquog River Park.

3-9-17 (1)

3-9-17 (8)

3-9-17 (13)

3-9-17 (5)

Today Aiden’s first class was Premier Standard. As usual Premier classes have a lot of tricky parts. Aiden had a super run but unfortunately back jumped one jump and therefore did not qualify. If you watch the video you can see the judges reaction as Aiden had a clean run further than any of the dogs who ran before him. Overall only one dog in the 24″ class qualified.

In Masters Standard Aiden had a good, clean run and qualified with 3rd place and earned 22 more MACH points.

In Masters Jumpers with Weaves Aiden had a terrific run and was just about to qualify….but knocked the very last jump. So close but no Double Q today!

3-10-17 (13b)

As this trial was only for Masters/Excellent dogs we were done earlier than normal so we took Aiden back to the park for some off leash fun.

3-10-17 (33)

3-10-17 (42)

3-10-17 (29)

3-10-17 (49)