Long-Dangerous Tails

German Shepherd Dogs and their people.
September 16th, 2014 by Julie

Green-Monkey Boy R-Litter

The R-litter (Duncan x Lilly) Green-Monkey collar boy is heading off with his new family, Curt and Jamie:

So sorry I washed all the color out of your faces! But the lightening on the pup is perfect!

September 15th, 2014 by Jennifer Harman

Ember, the model

I was challenged to make a reindeer snood for a dog, and guess who I chose to be my model? Ember has been very patient with me while I try on the snood over and over and then take pictures of her, humiliating her terribly. She’s a good sport, especially since there is chicken involved. I found some pictures of the reindeer on the Internet and made my own pattern from several different patterns.  I’m still trying to get the antlers to stand up, though.







My next project was a horse, since I had made an amigurumi horse.  Here is that result.  I think I like it better.







I know, dog shaming at its best.  :-)

September 14th, 2014 by Lynda

Aiden’s well deserved day off!

After three days of obedience trials Aiden had a well deserved day off! His day started off with a long walk on the beach…. well my mother, her dog Danny, Dylan and I walked…but Aiden ran and swam doing his favorite thing of chasing the birds! Then he had  a relaxing day at home, supervising us mowing the lawn and watching the Patriot’s game! We were all pleased that the New England Patriot’s beat the Minnesota Vikings…sorry Julie!

Aiden waiting for us to catch up and get to the beach9-14-14 057

Aiden, Dylan and Danny9-14-14 009

Aiden sees ducks…9-14-14 043

Luckily they can easily fly away!9-14-14 044

Walking on the breakwater9-14-14 005

The boys enjoying the beach9-14-14 021

Time to go…9-14-14 056a


September 14th, 2014 by Julie

Happy Birthday to Calla

This is  a month late, it was sent as a message to our Facebook page. There is so much spam on there I miss the “real” messages. From the C-litter Pakros x Hummel

Calla is sending Happy Birthday kisses to Chica and Cabrera! We can’t believe she’s two already! She’s the most affectionate dog we’ve ever known. Thanks for sharing her with us.



September 14th, 2014 by Julie

T-Litter Not Such Babies Anymore

T-litter Maffey x Karma are starting to eat “real food” Here they are eating rough ground beef.  The dark liquid has my vitamin mix in it, which turns it dark.
Last night they ate turkey hearts that I cut in quarters.  This is the first time they had to actually chew food.  Prior to this their “solid” food has consisted of canned tripe, goats milk, bone meal,  vitamins, and a little agave syrup.
Someone was off in the corner so soundly, that my “puppy, puppy” did not even wake him up: