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German Shepherd Dogs and their people.
September 1st, 2015 by Julie K.

Canine Good Citizen

Hey guys. Steve of Hunter and Juno’s ‘U’ litter checking in. Guess what I’ve been up to this last month? I worked really hard and graduated my most recent obedience class and passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen test!! Next month I am taking a group class for advanced CGC.

Also, I was just on the website and found out my dad is having another litter. I would love a long coat half sibling but my mom says no :(

Till later,

The Steve aka Alta Tollhaus Ulfr

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August 31st, 2015 by Lisa, Libby & Ziva's mom

The Puzzle

I attend a training group occasionally that meets during the week.  I always take Libby even though I am working Ziva because it is at a nice park and they can both go for a long walk afterwards.  One of the recent participants had a (the breed is not named to protect the innocent) and brought along a new food puzzle that she got for her dog.  Remarked  that how smart he is to have figured out the 1st piece of it in 5 minutes(but not the whole thing) and that is why this breed is the premier obedience dog .  That was the most frequent topic of the morning.  As we were finishing up I was asked by the puzzle owner what it is like to have one quick witted and one slow witted dog.    I had to ask, since I live with them both, who they thought the slow witted dog was.  “Why Libby of course”   Why do you think she is slow witted I asked?

Puzzle owner; Because she just lays in her crate in the van while everyone is out working & never does anything or seems to care she is not doing anything. (Note to you all, never assume intelligence requires great physical activity or an extensive show record).

Me; Not quite sure what to say (though several inappropriate things sprung to mind), the day was saved by a friend who knows Libby VERY well and has witnessed some of the activities she does to amuse herself & our feeble attempts to outsmart her.

My Friend; Why don’t you see how Libby does with the puzzle,  she says with a smile on her face?

Puzzle owner; Oh ha, ha, that must be a joke.

I say, yes, let’s give it a try,  I know Libby just loves to figure things out-especially if food is involved-I’m hoping she puts her full brain to the task.

Puzzle owner; Well remember, we do need to be out of here by dark-ha, ha, ha.

Me;  Wait let me get my camera before we start.  Below is the dim witted dogs  attempt at the puzzle.  I’d say she was brilliant:)





August 30th, 2015 by Lynda

Day Two of Agility for Aiden

On Saturday, August 29, we were back at the Agility Trial in RI. It was back to a normal all level trial. This was a three day trial but unfortunately work obligations only allowed us to attend the two days.

Our first class of the day was Excellent FAST. Aiden zoomed around and racked up 75 points out of a possible 80. At the Bonus he started towards the wrong entry of the tunnel, I tried to direct him to the correct side but unfortunately he turned to me and was faulted. NQ!

I missed the walk-through for the Excellent Standard class. At most trials the 20″ dogs walk/run and then the 24″ dogs walk/run. I did not realize that at this trial they were walking the 20″ class, then walking the 24″ class and then running both. I was watching some of the 20’s and I went to see how many dogs were left before it would be time for me to walk the course. I was shocked to learn that they were on the 2nd to last 20″ dog and Aiden was the next dog on the line! I raced to get him and just made it. Good job I had watched some of the 20″ dogs! Aiden QUALIFIED with 1st place for his 2nd leg.

In Open Jumpers with Weaves we were doing fairly well when Aiden started to go off course towards the weaves. As I called him back to the correct jump, without being faulted, he took the correct jump at an angle and knocked the bar. It has been pointed out to me that sometimes Aiden seems to lower his body too much on a jump directly preceeding a tunnel and maybe that is why the bar came down. We may never get an Open Jumpers leg!!

The last class of the day was Time 2 Beat. I almost missed the walk-through for this class also as I was running in Open JWW! I rushed over and the judge let me walk the course quickly while they set the bars for the small dogs. Aiden had a super run and qualified with 2nd place for his 3rd leg. In T2B, instead of the usual 3 legs for a title, you need 15 legs and 100 points. In his 3 legs Aiden has earned a total of 25 points.

Very proud of my boy!8-29-15 033b

Aiden with his ribbons from the Eastern English Springer Spaniel Agility Trial in Rhode Island.8-29-15 018b

 U-Ch., V Alta-Tollhaus Aiden IPO-2, CDX, RE, OA, OF, NAJ, OAP, OJP, NFP, HT, TC, TDI, CGC

August 30th, 2015 by Carole

Nap Time…

H-Kayden is zonked out on the couch:


M-Bella is enjoying her nap:



Of course, W-Dutch takes napping to another level:


August 29th, 2015 by Lynda

Day one of Agility for Aiden

Yesterday afternoon Aiden was entered in the Eastern English Springer Spaniel Club Excellent Only Agility Trial.

In Excellent Standard he took and an off course jump at the beginning of the course, right after the tire, that caused us to have a fumble at the dog walk but after that he had a pretty good run. NQ!

In Time to Beat Aiden Qualified with 2nd place….he ran fast and clean but it required a bit of yelling on my part to keep him on course! I love my crazy, enthusiastic boy!!

In Excellent FAST Aiden racked up 72 points, got the bonus and qualified with 1st place for his 2nd leg.

Aiden did not have a Jumpers with Weaves run as he is still in Open Jumpers.