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German Shepherd Dogs and their people.
August 18th, 2018 by Lisa: -- Libby & Ziva's mom

2018 – – Ziva’s Year for Invitationals & the unexpected.

2018 has been quite a year, both good and bad.  In March I noticed a lump on my back.  To make a long story short it was cancerous.  6 weeks of daily radiation was followed by surgery to remove the mass the end of July.  On August 1st , while I was still in the hospital, Ziva received an invitation to the AKC national Tracking invitational held the first weekend in October. Only dogs that are Champion Trackers can compete in this event.  She earned her qualifying Champion Tracker title in October.




























After I got home from my surgery on August 3rd, I received another lovely surprise.  Ziva qualified and was invited to compete in the Annual Top 20 Agility Preferred Invitational event at the German Shepherd Nationals .  During my treatments, we were able to continue to compete until the end of May, when I just was not up to running her anymore, or doing much else for that matter.  Considering we were only able to compete for 6 months out of the qualification period I must say this was totally unexpected.
































It has been 3 weeks since my surgery.  The biopsy and lung scan were both clean.  Now it is rehab for me bigtime.   Ziva and Libby were excellent and attentive nurses during my illness, but they are both happy to be getting some “normal” back in their lives.    I have entered Ziva in the tracking invitational and am working hard on being ready if she is selected for the draw.  Taking one day at a time, but planning for the future again 🙂

July 23rd, 2018 by Lynda

A rare summertime agility trial for Aiden

During the summer it is very difficult for us to get a weekend off work. This past weekend we were able to take Aiden and O’Connor to the Collie Club of New England Agility Trial in North Smithfield, RI.  It has been over a month since Aiden’s last trial.

On Saturday in Masters Standard Preferred Aiden, unfortunately, knocked one bar killing our chances for a Double Q. Except for the knocked bar the run, however, was very good.

After the run I took Connor out for a walk with some friends.  He loves to meet new people and dogs. He had a great time.

In Masters Jumpers with Weaves Preferred Aiden had a super, clean run, qualified in 2nd place and earned 17 PACH points.

After the trial we took the boys to Lincoln State Park for a well deserved walk.

Our friend was staying at the same hotel as we were and she visited our room with her GSD, Yasha, and her little mix breed dog, Rhett. Aiden and Connor thought this was quite funny and they loved having guests. They were all soon zooming around the room and jumping on the bed. (We bring our own sheet to put on the hotel bed!)

On Sunday, back at the trial, O’Connor wanted to get measured to see if he could do agility yet??? Again we told him he is still too young!

In Masters Standard Preferred Aiden a good, clean run and qualified in 1st place with 34 PACH points! This gave us hope for a Double Q day…

During the down time between runs and helping course building we took Connor out to be with other dogs and people again….

…and to pose for pictures

In Masters Jumpers with Weaves Preferred Aiden did it !! He had a great run, qualified in 1st place and earned 18 PACH points….AND a DOUBLE Q !!

Alta-Tollhaus Aiden at 6 years old and his son Alta-Tollhaus O’Connor at 6 months old




July 19th, 2018 by Lynda

The O’s are 6 months old today!

It’s hard to believe that the O Litter (Alta-Tollhaus Aiden x Yoyo vom Lübzer Eldetal) is already 6 months old. The time sure has flown by.

Here the pups are at 3.5 weeks old. In order from left to right:

O’Wilson, O’Casey (Mick), O’Hearn (Shelby), O’Reilly, O’Connor and O’Zeke

Here they are at 8 weeks old in the same order

Ladies first, the only girl in the litter….

Alta-Tollhaus O’Hearn (Shelby)

At 6 months old


Alta-Tollhaus O’Casey (Mick)

At 6 months old



Alta-Tollhaus O’Connor

At 6 months old

Alta-Tollhaus O’Zeke

At 6 months old

Alta-Tollhaus O’Reilly

At 6 months old

Alta-Tollhaus O’WilsonAt 6 months old



July 12th, 2018 by Lisa: -- Libby & Ziva's mom

The weather word of the day was UGH! But Farm Dog Ziva Soldiered On!

Ziva and I entered an AKC Farm Dog certification test on April 15.  Should have been some not so bad spring weather, but it was not,  UGH was the word of the day for the weather!!!  It was cold, wet, 30 degrees, pelting ice rain, windy, ankle deep water and mud!!!!  It even kept the spectators in the barn.  They had to change out the goats for ponies since goats will not stay out in the rain.  The only ones outside for the test were the judge, Ziva and I.  Ziva quickly greeted the judge, followed me on a walking pattern around various pieces of farm equipment, hopped up on a bale of hay and stayed for 10 seconds and mercifully they had the 2 minute handler out of sight  supervised separation in one of the outbuildings.  We walked by another dog and neutral stranger on our way to a pen to “feed” the sheep.  She waited while I opened and entered thru the gate, then I invited her thru and closed it behind us.  I put her in a sit stay about 30 feet from the sheep and proceeded to take them their food & return to her.  We left that enclosure and walked by a tractor as it started up and over a plastic tarp and sheet of plywood.  Almost done, now we had to complete the Dog Approaches Livestock part of the test.  In this test, the handler, with the dog at side on a loose lead, enters a fenced area that contains livestock within a separate enclosure. The dog is introduced to livestock and encouraged to approach the pen, the dog is then called back to the handler and returns readily when called.  We had been warned by previous exhibitors one “special” pony in the herd  ran full speed up to the fence and challenged anything that approached-oh boy, not sure what to expect.  I was hoping by now the pony had tired of being a jerk, I was wrong.  As we approached, he barreled up, came to a sliding stop at the fence and shook his head and reared on his hind legs for good measure.  It was quite an impressive display.  Ziva was not backing down from the rude pony and stood her ground next to me and gave some impressive barks.  Pony’s bluff had been called and he wheeled around & took off back to the rest of the group.  Ziva looked at me wagging her tail.  Not sure how that would be scored since she barked, but did not offer to chase.  The judge said “what a good dog.”  Our final test was to examine her for farm debris and then thankfully into the office to warm up.  She passed test 1 and a few hours later ran her second test.  She passed test 2 to earn her AKC Farm Dog title & Mr. Pony did not come charging up on test 2 🙂  It was impossible to get photos in that weather, so here she is helping this last week getting the hay in.

July 8th, 2018 by Lisa: -- Libby & Ziva's mom


A new DOUBLE PERFORMANCE CHAMPION!!! I just learned that today Rich Godfrey’s dog “Singer” aka; Alta-Tollhaus Just A Singer , or for us old time AT peeps “Funny’s J-Boy, who was already a Herding Champion completed his Champion Tracker 7/8/2018 to join the very elite group of GSD’s (fewer than 10 in the history of the breed) who have earned 2 different AKC performance championships!

Congrattulations to Rich and HC CT Alta Tollhaus Just A Singer RN HSAdsc HSBs HIAs HIBs HXBs HXAsM on this accomplishment!