A rare summertime agility trial for Aiden

During the summer it is very difficult for us to get a weekend off work. This past weekend we were able to take Aiden and O’Connor to the Collie Club of New England Agility Trial in North Smithfield, RI.  It has been over a month since Aiden’s last trial.

On Saturday in Masters Standard Preferred Aiden, unfortunately, knocked one bar killing our chances for a Double Q. Except for the knocked bar the run, however, was very good.

After the run I took Connor out for a walk with some friends.  He loves to meet new people and dogs. He had a great time.

In Masters Jumpers with Weaves Preferred Aiden had a super, clean run, qualified in 2nd place and earned 17 PACH points.

After the trial we took the boys to Lincoln State Park for a well deserved walk.

Our friend was staying at the same hotel as we were and she visited our room with her GSD, Yasha, and her little mix breed dog, Rhett. Aiden and Connor thought this was quite funny and they loved having guests. They were all soon zooming around the room and jumping on the bed. (We bring our own sheet to put on the hotel bed!)

On Sunday, back at the trial, O’Connor wanted to get measured to see if he could do agility yet??? Again we told him he is still too young!

In Masters Standard Preferred Aiden a good, clean run and qualified in 1st place with 34 PACH points! This gave us hope for a Double Q day…

During the down time between runs and helping course building we took Connor out to be with other dogs and people again….

…and to pose for pictures

In Masters Jumpers with Weaves Preferred Aiden did it !! He had a great run, qualified in 1st place and earned 18 PACH points….AND a DOUBLE Q !!

Alta-Tollhaus Aiden at 6 years old and his son Alta-Tollhaus O’Connor at 6 months old




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  • August 30, 2018 at 6:10 am

    that last picture especially I just love! Connor is growing into a handsome young man!

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