Ziva working a little of this and a little of that

I had promised Ziva I would never take her in the ring again for an obedience sit/stay lineup after she was attacked 2 x in Novice,  Since there was a 3 minute out of sight sit and 5 minute out of sight down in open, that meant we would never try to get her CDX.  The AKC eliminated that exercise and replaced it with a command discrimination exercise, so it is game on for us again:)  She carried over the fear of the other dogs into all aspects of being in an OB ring, so we have been working on that anyway since I would like to show her in Rally.  We had the chance to enter a fun match over the weekend & I have never seen her happier in this type of setting.  There is still some worry, but she would work for food & toys which she never would do before AND she did not shut down. Some snippets of some of the Open A exercises are below


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