A Day in the Life – L & M Litters

Today was a very busy day for the girls from the L & M litters.  This morning they had their first car ride as we traveled to Charlotte for their well-puppy vet exam.  There was a lot of noise making for the first 10-15 minutes and then they quieted down.  They were super stars at the vet office, confident and bold.  Everyone checked out perfectly with the only issue being a small umbilical hernia on the Leopard collar girl (L-litter).

Weights were:


  • Leopard #16.2
  • Zebra #13.8


  • Pink #15.5
  • Lime-Green #14.5
  • Teal #16.6

The trip home they were quiet the entire way home. They all traveled very well and not a hint of motion sickness from any of them. Today was a balmy day of 25 degrees so when we got home from the vet office we took the pups for a walk in the deep unplowed snow, they found some giant snow banks made by the snow plow and delighted in climbing up and sliding down.

We then worked on learning stairs.  The 4 stairs going into the house from the garage was not a problem, the full flight of stairs going downstairs was daunting. So we picked them up and placed them 2/3 of the way down and with encouragement we got them to come down the stairs.  In the morning when we headed out, Zebra girl had climbed  the full flight of stairs. 🙂

When we got down to the puppy rooms they clearly were not ready for a nap so out into the play yard they went with Ana (U-Ch V Alta-Tollhaus Havana IPO1 KKL1) .  They had a blast playing hard and zooming around for a good solid hour.  Our plan was to get them good and tired for their ear tattoos.  They were the best and easiest pups ever to tattoo!  They crashed hard for nap time.

After a good sleep we tried to do head shots….it was a lot of work for us, these babes were still wiped out.  You can see they how tired they are in the picture, but since we went to the effort of taking them  here they are:

L-litter Mattis x Jane
Leopard-collar girl:
Zebra-collar girl, yes this is the best we could do. Her attitude was please let me go back to sleep:

M-litter Count x Mamba

Teal-collar girl, you can see how tired she was too:
Lime-green collar girl:
Pink-collar girl (long-coat):

Dogs Never Die

Author is unknown- “Some of you, particularly those who think they have recently lost a dog to ‘death’, don’t really understand this. I’ve had no desire to explain, but won’t be around forever and must. Dogs never die. They don’t know how to. They get tired, and very old, and their bones hurt. Of course they don’t die. If they did they would not want to always go for a walk, even long after their old bones say: ‘No, no, not a good idea. Let’s not go for a walk.’ Nope, dogs always want to go for a walk. They might get one step before their aging tendons collapse them into a heap on the floor, but that’s what dogs are. They walk. It’s not that they dislike your company. On the contrary, a walk with you is all there is.

Their boss, and the cacaphonic symphony of odor that the world is. Cat poop, another dog’s mark, a rotting chicken bone (exultation), and you. That’s what makes their world perfect, and in a perfect world death has no place. However, dogs get very very sleepy. That’s the thing, you see. They don’t teach you that at the fancy university where they explain about quarks, gluons, and Keynesian economics. They know so much they forget that dogs never die. It’s a shame, really. Dogs have so much to offer and people just talk a lot.

When you think your dog has died, it has just fallen asleep in your heart. And by the way, it is wagging its tail madly, you see, and that’s why your chest hurts so much and you cry all the time. Who would not cry with a happy dog wagging its tail in their chest. Ouch! Wap wap wap wap wap, that hurts. But they only wag when they wake up. That’s when they say: ‘Thanks Boss! Thanks for a warm place to sleep and always next to your heart, the best place.’ When they first fall asleep, they wake up all the time, and that’s why, of course, you cry all the time. Wap, wap, wap. After a while they sleep more. (remember, a dog while is not a human while. You take your dog for walk, it’s a day full of adventure in an hour. Then you come home and it’s a week, well one of your days, but a week, really, before the dog gets another walk. No WONDER they love walks.)

Anyway, like I was saying, they fall asleep in your heart, and when they wake up, they wag their tail. After a few dog years, they sleep for longer naps, and you would too. They were a GOOD DOG all their life, and you both know it. It gets tiring being a good dog all the time, particularly when you get old and your bones hurt and you fall on your face and don’t want to go outside to pee when it is raining but do anyway, because you are a good dog. So understand, after they have been sleeping in your heart, they will sleep longer and longer. But don’t get fooled. They are not ‘dead.’ There’s no such thing, really. They are sleeping in your heart, and they will wake up, usually when you’re not expecting it. It’s just who they are.

I feel sorry for people who don’t have dogs sleeping in their heart. You’ve missed so much. Excuse me, I have to go cry now.”

Show Us Your Ears!

The Huck x Hummel ( N-litter) pups are 3-weeks old…and Margaret (Huck’s owner) is texting me “where are the pictures?” As Caitlin is holding a puppy on her lap we were ooohing and awwing over their cute little ears….so we decided to do a series of pictures showing off their cute little ears.

Teal-collar female:
Pink-collar female (long coat):

Some photographer I am, this girl is so darn cute, but my photo of her is terrible!
Pink-flower-collar female:

Zebra-collar female:

Lime-green-collare female:

Purple-collar boy:

Blue-collar male:

Green-collar Male (long coat):