Chicopee Memorial State Park

We are in Western Massachusetts this weekend and even though the temperatures are in the high 90’s and humid we took Aiden and Dylan for a walk at the Chicopee Memorial State Park. We have never been to this State Park before. It is a rather small park but it has hiking trails and a lake. We went for about a two-mile walk, thankfully all of it in the shade.5-31-13 087

5-31-13 069

5-31-13 081

This State Park abuts Westover Air Force Base which is a major hub for supplies being send to our troops overseas. Aiden loves to watch birds and planes fly by but this plane was so close and loud he stopped in his tracks fascinated.5-31-13 080

5-31-13 082

5-31-13 084

For best off-road performance, put dog in 4-paw drive!

Kristin and I took our usual Memorial Day Vacation over in Canada where the campgrounds are nearly empty due to the fact their holiday weekend is the one before ours.  This gave Vander plenty of room to stretch his legs!

DSC_8118 - Version 2

I am quite certain he’s thinking that the only thing he’s missing is a cape.


Yes indeed, plenty of space…

DSC_8176 - Version 2

“Hey!  Look what I found!”

DSC_8195 - Version 2

Full power decent!!


A scientific mind…trying to decide if it is harder running on sand or through water!


Honestly, I could not decide which I liked better, this pic or the previous.  So I put in both.  I think the previous shows more power but this one captures him with all 4 paws off the ground/water!


“Naturally dada, I need a stick for the walk back to the campsite.”


And one quiet after-action portrait. 🙂

The rest of the pics I took are at this link…!i=2540766746&k=nNzRSHh

Overall, it was a great time, other than being very cold at night.  I just wish I had some dunes in my backyard!  They are thee fastest and must fun doggy energy draining devices on Earth.  3 trips up and down the dunes = 1hour walk. 🙂