Hold Your Dog a Little Closer

I am posting this on behalf of Lee R who has been a LDT follower and participant for many years. His dog Apollo was not an AT dog, but is a part of our GSD family. Lee’s raw feelings and deep heartfelt loss is something that we all understand too well. Please say a little prayer for Apollo and most of all for Lee.

I lost my boy Apollo. Two days ago. Sunday.

A couple of weeks ago he developed a limp, so I took him in to the vet. He had a large bruise on his ribs right behind is right foreleg, so we all attributed the limp to a fall or collision with a wall since I have slippery hardwood floors. He was given some NSAID’s and we went home. He showed immediate improvement and was just fine. Then last Wednesday night I noticed he was breathing a bit shallowly. So I called the vet on Thursday and made an appointment for Friday. They took x-rays and found some spots on his lungs and wanted me to see a specialist for a better look on a better machine. He was already a client of Michigan Veterinary Specialists in Southfield for his eye condition (chronic canine keratitis, I think is the name) so I called them immediately. They couldn’t get us in until Monday morning, so I booked them then.

He didn’t eat his entire dinner on Saturday, so I knew something was wrong. I fed him a raw diet with Honest Kitchen thrown in, so it was his favorite time of the day. Sunday morning when I took him outside he laid down at the door on our way back in and didn’t want to get up. So I decided to take him to the MVS Emergency. They took x-rays and thought he had cancer in the shoulder of the same leg he was limping on previously which had spread to his lungs. They told me there was hardly any good lung tissue remaining.

So for the second time in my life, I had to do the hardest thing I have ever done. I had my boy put to rest as I held him in my arms. He was having trouble breathing and I didn’t want him to suffer or try to hang on any longer just for me. In the entire almost nine years I had him, we never spent a single night apart. The last two nights are the first I have spent in an empty house.

I’m sorry for the long winded explanation, but I wanted you to know how strong his character was. Throughout all of this he never complained. The last day he had a couple of minor whines, but other than that never showed me the slightest sign that he wasn’t feeling well. He was my boy. He was my best friend on this earth.

I am not sure if I will get another GSD, but I think that is just my broken heart talking. I have always been a dog person since I was a little kid. I lived alone with Apollo for those almost nine years and couldn’t have been happier. Some people need spouses, children, grand children, etc. While those are wonderful things, I have always known that I would be perfectly content with my dog.

I wanted you to know how important my boy was, and always will be to me. I know I can never replace him, only find a new friend to share my life with.

Ana and Allie

Just quick updates. Ana’s (Alta-Tollhaus Havana) official due date is Feb 4th, she is gi-normous. I need to take some pictures of her so we can compare them to Leaderdog’s Dudah. Mos will be taking some pictures of her today or tomorrow, the radiographic kind, so we can get a count on puppies.

Allie is most definitely pregnant from her mating to Franco vom Kuckucksland, she is 4-weeks out and sporting a baby belly.