Oma Food

Oma’s is a raw food made for people who do not want to prepare their own raw
food.  It comes frozen from a distributor or a pet store that carries it
(see Michigan location’s below).  I copied a label and forwarded their own
page (see inserts) on how they came to produce clean pet food.  Some  of the
meat has veggies and bones and some you grind your own fresh fruit & veggies
in the blender and add it to it (1# of veg/fruit to 4# meat).  I get the
organs (heart & liver mixed) from Oma’s and add it to my own purchased meat
and veggies.  I just prefer making my own since I’ve been doing it for 14
years (long before it was “fashionable”).  To this you can add your own
supplements and know exactly what your dog or cat is getting.  It takes time and
work.  Feeding examples:  Teeghan (2yrs. old) is 63# and I feed her 2# of
raw meat per day.  Doogan (1 yr. old, still developing) is 85# and I feed
him 3 1/2# per day.
These are Oma’s Dealer’s in Michigan.
Carleton:  Heather Roberts (734) 765-4023 Heather
Madison:   Heights The Pet Beastro (248) 548-3448 Stephanie
Royal Oak: Jill Tack   SHIPS UPS/DHL (248) 895-0005 Jill
Trufant:   Peke A Tzu Rescue (616) 984-6292 Jan
I recommend two different options to busy people who cannot commit to a
total raw diet, but still want to feed a “clean food” diet. Wellness (cost
efficient) or Timberwolf/Orjin type (more expensive) dry foods (rotating
flavors with each new bag) and add raw meat.   Timberwolf Quote: “If adding
fresh meats to your pet’s diet, deduct between 10 -20% of Timberwolf
Organics dry food formula and substitute with 10 -20% fresh meats of your
choice or other fresh proteins such as eggs.”  You just keep a few pounds of
ground turkey, ground chuck, chicken, pork, lamb steamed fish in your
freezer and pull some out to thaw as you need it.  Mix the meat with the dry
food and warm water.  This way, your pet is still getting some of the raw
food it needs! The other is Honest Kitchen products (see insert).  This is
dehydrated vegetables/fruit or alfalfa/veg that you re-hydrate and mix with
your own raw meat. A little expensive but REALLY clean and beneficial to
your dog or cat.
If you do change, do it slowly over 7 to 10 days, phasing out the currently
used food.
Have a good weekend, Karen :~)

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