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March 25th, 2018 by Lisa: -- Libby & Ziva's mom

Ziva is Back on Track

This weekend we were able to attend the Lake Country Lure Coursers Scent Work trial in Tonawanda. We had entered this trial prior to her surgery & were lucky enough to get into most of the classes we entered.   Ziva was cleared for takeoff Wednesday, (at least for scentwork trials).  This is a new sport for us and since she loves to use  her nose I thought it would be a good fit – – she loves it!  We (I) made plenty of novice mistakes, but she was great. Apparently, THE NOSE KNOWS!  She earned 3 legs in Novice Containers and Novice Interiors completing those titles (SIN & SCN). She also earned 1 Novice handler discrimination leg with a first place and 1 advanced containers leg.  The rooms for the interior searches were too crowded to allow someone in to video, so we don’t have any of those runs.  This was a very challenging environment as it is a training/doggy day care center, so there were interesting smells everywhere.   The other test we entered and had to withdraw from was a school and I think the smells may not have been as distracting, so  I was really pleased with her work in this challenging environment.  Hoping the weather co-operates & we can get into a trial that can offer exterior searches 🙂


Ziva Novice A containers – !st place

Ziva Novice A containers – 2nd place

Ziva Novice Handler Discrimination – 1st place


Z-Evil loot photo!

















Ziva’s shiny new title certificates
























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