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January 19th, 2018 by Lisa: -- Libby & Ziva's mom

Ziva’s Double Q weekend at the Erie Kennel Club Agility Trial.

The 1st weekend of the new year Ziva was entered in the Erie Kennel Club Agility Trial. In spite of her handler she managed to Double Q both days and earned 78 PACH points! She is such a super girl, adapting to me no matter what I ask of her.  They had 5 feet of snow the week before that was piled everywhere and the cold (-1 degree) made us both prefer being in the hotel room. Potty walks were very quick 🙂  They got about another 2 foot of snow our first night making me wish for spring and glad I had an automatic car starter!
Saturday in Masters  JWW and Ziva had a super run for a Q and 3rd place.

Ziva’s second class of the day was Masters Standard. There were some unplanned bobbles, but we got thru them with a 2nd placement and a double Q!!!!!


Sunday in Masters JWW we Q’d with a 2nd place 🙂



Sunday our second class of the day we had a Q in Masters Standard with a 1st place,  earning her 10th leg and her Masters Standard Preferred Title (MXP) AND our 2nd Double Q of the weeked!!!

A little time outside in the snow at the show site where they plowed for the dogs, but it was filled up overnight!













Most of the weekend spent in the hotel because of the cold!















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