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January 7th, 2014 by Julie

J & K-Litter Heading Home

Desiree and her new purple-collar boy from the J-litter (Gavin x Judy) Desiree has the patience of a saint she waited over a year for the right boy, and this one was everything she wanted. I was so pleased to have this handsome boy for her.
Left: Don with black-collar male from the J-litter (Gavin x Judy) and Right: Sandy with red-collar male from the K-litter.
Kirsten and the black-camo male (k-litter) :
Blue-flag boy(K-litter) and his very, very happy owners:
Emily and Tyler with Teal-collar girl (k-litter). This girl I knew was the right puppy for this young couple early on and the temperament testing validated my feelings. They wanted a small, happy, spunky, friendly little girl, to do agility with:
Cell-phone picture of Green-camo collar boy at 8 weeks (k-litter Gavin x Hedi) is being raised by a friend until we find the right home for him, he needs an owner who will work and show him:
Dark-green boy (k-litter) with the Martins:
Blue-collar boy (J-litter Gavin x Judy):
Pink-camo collar girl (J-litter Gavin x Judy):

My apologizes to the families that we did not get a homeward-bound photo.



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  1. Beautiful pups and people! Welcome to the family! Look forward to reading about your journey with your new pup.

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