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German Shepherd Dogs and their people.
November 1st, 2011 by Julie

Great Falls Park VA

Last stop before heading home, Great Falls Park, VA
Cindy is almost “1972” flood level tall
Heading home, we made Tim drive. His first time in the USA, I thought Tim needed to drive an automatic and see how the interstate compared to the autobahn.



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  1. Al & Karen says

    Very nice pictures. What was more dangerous the rocks by the water or Tim’s driving? LOL J/K

  2. I’ll have to try and dig out some shots I took of the Falls in winter with frozen water and ice covering the rocks. Back then I wasn’t using digital, so it may take me a while! You didn’t stop by The Old Brogue for a bite to eat did you? What a super Irishpub that is!

    • That would be really cool to see. The dining we did on this tour was 10 minutes at a hot dog stand…and it looked scarier then that ice cream truck. Tim took a bite of his hot dog and threw it away.

  3. Beautiful place.

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