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December 11th, 2008 by Julie


I can’t remember if I have posted this picture of Allie before or not. Taken this past July. Thank you to Carole for setting her up for me! Allie has changed quite a bit since then, she has matured and she has a great big fat belly right now, full of little Gorbi babies.



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  1. I forgot that we had taken a photo of Allie! Julie, I’m glad you found it.

    Margot—notice that there is NO hand blocking your view of Allie’s neck! 🙂

    Julie, you are going to have fabulous pups! I can’t wait to see them.

  2. Thank you Carole. As everyone knows, I love all my dogs, but Allie is my favorite. I am so excited about her first litter. I am also feeling very sentimental, she is still my baby-girl and to see her ready to have her first litter…..time just goes so fast.

  3. Yep you posted it before but nice to see again!

  4. Julie, you and Allie have a special bond that doesn’t come along too often. I’m happy and excited for you both! Of all your dogs, you know that my heart belongs to Kira. But it is Allie who I credit with being the rock of Alta-Tollhaus…she is the most sensible one. Just don’t let Kira or Funny read this!

    Besides, any dog who hasn’t seen Kayla in months and can put Kayla in her place within 2 seconds, gets all the credit in the world from me! I used to tell Kayla that I was sending her home to Julie. Now I tell Kayla that I’m sending her home to Allie. Changing that one little name seems to have made a difference in her behavior!

  5. Karen B says

    Julie, Allie is so beautiful. I don’t think that I have seen a bitch that I like better. She has great bone, color, beautiful head, she’s put together so well. She is just magnificant.
    These puppies are going to set the world on fire!

  6. Karen, Allie has an excellent temperament and amazing intelligence to go along with all that you’ve mentioned. She is truly the perfect package!

  7. Kimberly says

    What a beautiful photo of Allie – Carole you are right about the hand detracting from the stance – this picture demonstrates exactly the difference. I didn’t realize this was Allie’s first litter and that she was Julie’s favorite.
    Julie, I always suspected you were partial to Zucca. She is probably rolling her eyes rignt now! I can’t wait to see these pups!!

  8. Kimberly, if you asked Julie’s dogs who was Julie’s favorite, they would each shout out, “I AM!” That’s just the way Julie treats her dogs and the key to her happy household full of females.

    Does Allie know that she’s stolen Julie’s heart? Absolutely! Watch Allie interact with Julie. Does Allie keep their little secret? You bet—another key to a happy household.

  9. Julie, I always suspected you were partial to Zucca.

    Kimberly, Zucca is my other favorite!

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