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July 16th, 2017 by Lynda

Paw Palooza – Day 2

Today was day 2 of Paw Palooza and the Cape Cod Kennel Club was holding another dog agility demonstration. My mother and I went to the event early this morning with Aiden. We helped set up the agility equipment and get ready for the demo at 10:00am. Jack had to work today, but since this is an animal event and only two towns over from Harwich, he was able to come over for some community policing.

While Jack was still at the event we were approached by a gentleman who wanted to meet Aiden after seeing him in the demo. Turns out that he is looking for a GSD puppy. As we were  explaining how important it is to find a good breeder he told us that he lives in Michigan. What a coincidence!! We, ofcourse, told him Aiden was from Michigan and gave him all of the AT contact information.

…..we are still waiting for some business cards from you Julie!





It was a much hotter day. Aiden cooling his feetDSC04663

Hanging out in the shadeDSC04671

Outside of the tent of the dog trainer who has used Aiden as the test dog for CGC and TDI we saw this poster. One of the pictures is of Lark, Aila, and Aiden.


IMG_0203 (2)


DSC04650 (3)

Have a great summer everybody!

See you next time!





2 Responses to “Paw Palooza – Day 2”
  1. Beverly says

    Aiden is a spectacular dog in every arena. I love seeing the competition photos, when he’s working his tail off, LOL, but I also love seeing him in “down time” posts. While his training and accomplishments are spectacular, I need to also tell you that his is one heck of a gorgeous hunk!!!

    Congratulations again, Lynda and Jack!

  2. Aiden, you are a stud!
    What a great representative of the breed and of Alta-Tollhaus he is!! You guys continually inspire us to keep going!

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