Detmold Market, continued

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  1. Margot says:

    As a vegan, I didn’t particularly like seeing those naked bunny butts staring me in the face when I visited the Detmold market on your blog, but my Kaninchen hunters all barked their approval. They didn’t know that bunnies came pre-packaged like that ! Now they all want to visit their relatives in Deutschland and sample some local cuisine!

    That brings me to a question. Do most Germans that you’ve met feed their dogs raw meat or kibble or combo?

    The market pictures are great, Julie. Everything looks so fresh and healthy. Once again, the colors are superb. Keep ’em coming, please!

  2. Peter and Julie says:

    I love the market pictures. I dislike the industrialized, hermetically sealed plastic wrapped foods I find so often in the grocery stores. It’s so refreshing to see things displayed appealingly and available in the amount you want or need. Plua I’m knocked out by the cheese cart and the huge assortment of living and breathing cheeses being sold. Yes, bunny carcasses remind us all that the meat on our tables once drew breathe, sipped water, nibbled greens and deserve the respect a fine cook gives them in the pot.

  3. Julie says:

    deserve the respect a fine cook gives them in the pot.

    Well said.

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