Alta-Tollhaus Testimonials and Praises for a Job Well Done for Our Dogs and Their People!

Congratulations Lynda and Jack on their many successes with Aiden


Alta-Tollhaus is honored to introduce you to one of our 2016 GSDCA Performance Award of Merit (PAM) recipients. The PAM award is given in recognition of dogs with advanced performance titles in multiple venues, showing the incredible versatility and intelligence of the German Shepherd Dog. Aiden is Handler/Owner Trained by Lynda B. Congratulations, Lynda & Aiden – we are very proud of you!

V Alta-Tollhaus Aiden (V Ypsilon vom Lärchenhain x V Maikali vom Kirschental) 

Congratulations to Lisa & PAM Alta-Tollhaus Ziva VCD1, BN, RE, TDX, ACT1, DN, HIC, TDI, CGC

Alta-Tollhaus is honored to introduce you to one of our 2016 GSDCA Performance Award of Merit (PAM) recipients. The PAM award is given in recognition of dogs with advanced performance titles in multiple venues, showing the incredible versatility and intelligence of the German Shepherd Dog. Ziva is Handler/Owner Trained by Lisa R. Congratulations, Lisa & Ziva – we are very proud of you!

Alta-Tollhaus Ziva (V Alta-Tollhaus Gavin x V Alta-Tollhaus Bailey) October, 2016

Congratulations to Rich & Triple Crown Herding Champion Alta-Tollhaus Just A Singer!

Yesterday Singer earned his ASCA (Australian Shepherd Club of America) Championship. This is his third herding championship giving him the Triple Crown in herding (AKC, AHBA and ASCA).

The ASCA was a little more difficult for us as Singer had a bad experience on cattle early on. He was not confident and often would not go into pressure to move cows out of corners or off fence lines. He finally got it done though. In ASCA you must compete on all stock (ducks, sheep and cattle) at all levels to earn the championship. In the process we had some failures but great success at other times. Here is the breakdown of how well he did.
1st place 5 times; 2nd place 3 times; 3rd place 2 times; 4th place 2 times

High Scoring Other Breed is given to non Aussie,
High Scoring Other Breed on Ducks 1 time
High Scoring Other Breed on Sheep 2 times
High Scoring Other Breed on Cattle 4 times
High Combined (total of all scores for trial) 2 times
High in Trial ( highest scoring dog overall) 3 times

Also a few weeks ago Singer earned his AKC TD (tracking dog) title.

Alta-Tollhaus Just a Singer is from Funny’s (Faye von Kirschental) last litter.
Rich G. – Alta-Tollhaus Just A Singer, March 30, 2015

Alta-Tollhaus Vecca – Sieger Show – VP1 Again!

Vecca continues her VP1 streak! Her second show, first show was the UScA Sieger show, 4-6 month class, where she was the youngest in the class and also won this class of 17. Now her second show, the GSDCA Sieger Show, where Vecca competed in the 9-12 month class. She was the youngest in this class and again the winner over 16!! Congratulations to Julie Richards and Andria Carpenter, who did a super job with conditioning and training.

Alta-Tollhaus Vecca (V Desperados vom Pendler x VA Inga von dem Amperauen) October, 2015

Alta-Tollhaus Service Dog Aurora – Thank you, Julie Richards!

Because of the amazing dogs that Julie Richards/Alta-Tollhaus produce, this girl is alive. Service Dog Aurora (Hunter x Karma) recently saved the life of her 16-year-old owner, who is a Type 1 Diabetic. Last week her pump disconnected at the site and her sugar rocked sky high. Aurora tried to awaken her and couldn’t so went and got her Mom. After an ER trip all is well. Without Aurora, this may have not had a happy ending. Service Dog Aurora is 8 months old. Thanks, Alta-Tollhaus!

Congratulations to Lisa R. & Alta-Tollhaus Ziva, TDX!

Alta-Tollhaus Ziva (Gavin x Bailey) passed her Tracking Dog Excellent test today at the Hudson Valley Tracking Club in New Paltz! She was the only 1 of 4 TDX’s to pass. It is a great club with lots of nice members and participants. What a great weekend with wonderful weather for tracking. Special thanks to Ruth Vaughn for all of her coaching and encouragement!

To read the full story, click here

Lisa R. – Alta-Tollhaus Ziva CD, BN, TDX, RE, HT, CGC

Congratulations to Julie R. & NatJR, IntJR Alta-Tollhaus Ulfr!

On August 1 & 2, Alta-Tollhaus Ulfr, aka Steve, was entered in his first-ever conformation shows with first-time handler/owner Julie R. They competed in four separate IABCA Junior Puppy Classes and each judge awarded Steve SG1, which is the highest rating a puppy can receive. Steve was also Best of Breed Puppy and earned both his National & International Junior Puppy titles.

Julie R, WA – V Alta-Tollhaus Ulfr IPO2 KKL

Alta-Tollhaus Service Dogs

I train service dogs for disabled children and adults, specializing in combat soldiers. I have trained many Alta-Tollhaus German Shepherds and they are always my preference when someone asks me for advice when purchasing a dog. The quality that goes in to the breeding program at Alta-Tollhaus far exceeds others.

I have NEVER been disappointed with any dog that has been sent to me for training from Alta-Tollhaus. No matter what job they are being trained for they almost instinctively already know and exceed the standards. I have had young pups naturally hitting on seizure and blood sugar alerts prior to any training.

If you are looking for a dog that will out-do others look no further than Alta-Tollhaus – you will not be disappointed. Besides training Alta-Tollhaus pups for others we personally have two: Alta-Tollhaus Princess (Franco x Allie) who is trained as a Seizure Alert and Autism Service dog for our 10-year-old son and Alta-Tollhaus Teufel (Maffey x Karma) who is a mobility medical alert dog for myself.

We call Alta-Tollhaus Princess, “Princess the wonderdog” because she took our introverted almost nonverbal autistic son and has in 3.5 years made him flourish into an outgoing social young man. I will never be able to verbally express my gratitude or overall joy for Alta-Tollhaus.

Corey Fox
Alta-Tollhaus Princess, Alta-Tollhaus Teufel

Alta-Tollhaus Yasmine – aka, Brinkley

Dear Julie,

I want to commend and thank you again for your professionalism, help, and patience in making my dream of having one of your AWESOME puppies come to fruition. From our first discussion several years ago, up to her arrival last weekend, it has been nothing less than a pleasure to deal with you. You took the necessary time to listen to all of our desires and questions. I’ve learned a tremendous amount from your emails and our conversations regarding answers to my specific concerns and questions. Your answers were very informative and fair.

You delivered, as promised, with all the details attended to, the wonderful addition to our family, Brinkley! She is everything we hoped for and more. She is bright, playful, sweet, well tempered, and of course stunningly beautiful! We are thrilled to have her and as we get to know her, we love her more and more every day.

Thank you again and our best to you and yours, always.
Jack S – Alta-Tollhaus Yasmine

Hello, Julie!

Well it has been 3 weeks since I picked up our puppy “Karley” (Hunter x Karma girl). In some ways it feels like 3 years already! She is doing fantastic!

I have never owed a GSD puppy with such a sound mind and so extremely smart from day one! She picks up on things very quickly with only a few corrections. Since we brought her home, probably only 3 potty accidents in the house (first couple of days). She was almost potty trained when we brought her home! I swear at 11 weeks she has the mental processing capability of a 6 – 9 month old.

She has the basic commands down, and currently working on stay at longer distances and for a longer time. Also working on a longer eye-to-eye “look” when commanded.

She has integrated into our family quite nicely, as she recognizes everyone equally in social interaction and obeying commands. I need to start thinking ahead about how to challenge her and set up a training plan that will keep her working and her little mind occupied. When it is time to go to bed she goes right to sleep no issues with crying.

So far, I see no aggressions of any kind what so ever! She and Connor will even share a stick together in the woods.

She is very agile for her age! Hannah and I both think she would be very good at agility. Hannah and Nic bring “Chewy” (Hunter x Hummel boy) over 3-4 times a week for play time and walk in the woods. They get along very well together as they play hard, but can sleep practically on top of each other too! See attached picture I took while puppy sitting Chewy last Saturday night. They are both wearing the original collars.

It is fun watching her little mind work as she learns new things, outside and inside. Both pup’s look at our Golden retriever “Connor” as the leader when we are out for walks. He is showing them the ropes and where all the good sniffs are. Connor is a great stick retriever, and he is showing them how that game works as both are catching on. It is interesting that Karley knows to play more gentle with Connor who is 6 years old but will tear it up with her half-brother Chewy holding nothing back.

I said all this to say you have a wonderful breeding program! Karley has far exceeded all expectations that I had while waiting for her to come home. Each day with Karley, I get to enjoy and realize all your hours and hours of hard work and the accomplishments of your operation and program!

I have Karley on Honest Kitchen food, NuVet and Spirulina! All seems to be going well with this combination!

Oh by the way! She absolutely loves water too! She and Chewy will both get in Connor’s “kiddie pool” and tear it up with each other. When they get done half the water has splashed out. I keep telling Hannah we need to take video and post it on FB.

Take Care and Thank You again for all you do!
Steve F. – Karley & Chewy

Thank you, Julie & Maika!

When we decided to add a German Shepherd Dog to our family we were looking for a dog that we could train in both obedience and agility, as well as be a great family pet. We love working with our dogs and they are a major part of our family and rarely do we go anywhere without them.

We started looking for a breeder who bred dogs with good health, intelligence, drive and personality, among other things. We discovered Julie and Alta-Tollhaus through her website and ultimately started following the blog. We were impressed to see dogs doing agility, obedience, Schutzhund/IPO and herding but most of all being great family members.

We contacted Julie and arranged to meet her and her dogs as we feel it is very important to meet the breeder and see the facilities in person. Julie was very open to us visiting. We spent some time with Julie and the dogs and we were also invited to watch their weekly Schutzhund training.

With a great deal of help and input from Julie we got the blue collar boy from the “A” litter who we named Alta-Tollhaus Aiden. Julie told us that Aiden would be the right puppy for us. She said he had the drive to be a good performance dog and encouraged us to also show him in German style conformation.

As soon as Aiden came home we started him in puppy kindergarten and have not stopped training yet. Aiden LOVES to work.

In Obedience, after earning his Canine Good Citizen (CGC), Aiden earned his AKC Beginner Novice (BN), Rally Novice (RN), Rally Advanced (RA), Rally Excellent (RE), Companion Dog (CD) and Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) Titles all with good scores and 2 High in Trials.

During this same time Aiden started competing in AKC Agility. As he was still under 2 years old we entered him in the Preferred classes where he jumped a lower height. Aiden earned his Novice Agility Preferred (NAP), Novice Jumpers with Weaves Preferred (NJP), Novice FAST Preferred (NFP), Open Agility Preferred (OAP) and Open Jumpers with Weaves Preferred (OJP). When Aiden was 2.5 years old we moved him to the standard height classes. He earned his Novice Agility (NA) Title and we continue to compete in agility.

Before Aiden was old enough to compete in agility we decided to start training him to track. We met with a Schutzhund/IPO trainer who, after evaluating Aiden, encouraged us to pursue Schutzhund training. Aiden loves this sport above all others. At 17 months old he earned his Begleithundprufung (BH). We continued to train in IPO and in April of 2014, at 2 years old, Aiden earned his IPO1 and in October of 2014 Aiden earned his IPO2. At this trial Aiden scored 100 points in tracking and was overall High IPO2.

At the 2013 German Shepherd Dog Club of America Nationals, Aiden passed the Herding Instinct Test and the GSDCA Temperament Test. He has also passed the Therapy Dog International Test.

In conformation, as a puppy Aiden earned 2 VP (Very Promising) ratings, one at the North American Sieger Show. As a young adult he earned 3 SG (very good) ratings, one at the Northeast Regional Conformation Show. When Aiden was 2.5 years old, and titled, he earned a V (Excellent) rating in the Working Class at the New England Regional Conformation Show. Aiden has also earned his United Kennel Club (UKC) Championship.
Lynda & Jack B – Alta-Tollhaus Aiden

Hello Julie!

I wanted to take some time to say thank you for the puppy that you bred, raised and picked out for our home. She is perfect! My wife is extremely happy with her sweet personality and disposition!
Our 6-year-old Golden Retriever thinks she is pretty neat and is very patient with her. She is very smart and I see signs she will be a fast learner too! She is responding to her name “Karley” and so far no accidents in the house or crate either.

Your suggestion of the raised crate next to bed is working well for sleeping at night. She goes in crate at bed time and settles right down, even after I take her outside for potty time during the night too! I want her to know that when she is in that crate, it means bedtime! We have a crate set up on main floor during the day. Where we have it placed, she uses it for sleeping even when door is open, kind of like her personal cave or nest!

So far she is adjusting very well to her new home! I am sure she will be excited to see and play with her half sibling again, when Nic and Hannah bring their pup home. We plan on training our dogs together as we only live (3) miles apart and I have slightly over 100 acres to play on!

Now a little bit about you and your operation!

What I see in you is pretty cool, as you are without question an “experts” expert, as your operation, dogs and their achievements speak volumes for you! I appreciate that you were very easy to talk with thru every step of the process from pre-breeding thru puppy pickup. You made everything easy for me! You are the most down to earth “GSD expert” that I have ever met and very professional in how you manage all aspects of your operation.

It is a privilege to know you and I am proud to own one of your GSDs. I will do you and the Alta-Tollhaus name “good”!

Please give Caitlin my regards for all she does! I appreciate the hours of hard work and dedication to the breed and her part in preparing “Karley” for my home!!
Steve F – Karley, April 2015

Hello Julie!

We’re still loving every moment with Calla (Hummel x Pakros C-Litter) and she continues to be such a great match for our family. She has matured into such an affectionate and fun girl. We can’t say enough good things about what an awesome dog Calla is and we look forward to adding another dog to our family.

I thought you would get a kick out of this pic from Calla’s recent vet check-up. Calla copied Julia by hopping into the chair, then Julia copied Calla’s tongue hanging out. Silly girls + best buddies!
Laura, Jules – Alta-Tollhaus Calla, April 2015

Hi Julie!

Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve checked in. Life is just way too busy! Hope you and all of your fur babies are doing well. Anja is doing great. I cannot believe that she will be three soon. Time is flying. She is such a major important part of our family. Always getting loved on and snuggling with someone. She is just so loyal and in tune with all of us. We had a couple of pretty major health scares with the kids last year and she did not leave their side. She is just incredible. I couldn’t have asked for a better temperament. She has definitely taken on the role of mothering our 9 1/2 yr old Shepherd whose health is declining. It’s so cute how she takes care of her. Her favorite things to do are play with her Kong balls, car rides to pick her kids up from school, walks and snuggling. SO affectionate. There are no words for how much she is adored! Thanks again for letting her be a part of our family.
Trish M – Alta-Tollhaus Anja, March 2015

Congratulations to Team Alta-Tollhaus – GSDCA Sieger Show, October 3-5, 2014

Special Thanks to our Awesome Handler, Tim Klatt!

From L to R:
Gage and Heather, Qwendi and Terri, Elizabeth and She-Rah, Doug and Oakley, Tim with Ava lying on the ground, and Yoyo sitting; Andria with Inga and Hunter; Jennifer and Eber, Cabrera and Doug, Robert and Finn, Judy and Bella, Barb and Syd.

VA2 Inga von den Amperauen IPO2 KKL Lbz, Owner Julie Richards – Working Female
V3 Hunter vom Nordteich IPO2 KKL, Owner Julie Richards – Working Male
1st Alta-Tollhaus Ava, Owner Julie Richards – Open Female
1st Alta-Tollhaus Cabrera, Owner Jennifer Harman – Open Male
SG5 Alta-Tollhaus Edelweiss Jessica, Owner Eva Stock – 18-24 Month Female
SG3 Alta-Tollhaus Finn, Owner Barbara Lombard – 18-24 Month Male
SG3 Alta-Tollhaus Hadarah, Owner Elizabeth DiGregorio – 12-18 Month LSH Female
SG6 Alta-Tollhaus Gage, Owners Heather Stevens & Julie Richards – 12-18 Month Male
VP1 Yoyo vom Lübzer Eldetal, Owner Julie Richards – 9-12 Month Female
VP8 Alta-Tollhaus Ooh La La, Owner Julie Richards – 6-9 Month Female
VP5 Alta-Tollhaus Oakley, Owners Douglas & Judy O’Donnell – 6-9 Month Male
VP6 Alta-Tollhaus Qwendi, Owner Terri LaChapelle – 3-6 Month Female