German Shepherd Dog

March 9, 2010

I Found Dirt!

Ilea got her second round of shots yesterday and weighed 25 pounds. My vet has a vet tech named Ilea. My human Dad says I’m growing […]
March 8, 2010

Herding Pre-Lesson

March 8, 2010

Herding Lesson One

First Herding lesson from Ulf Kintzel. A Shepherd (person) from Germany know living in the USA. Please do not show this to Funny…she really wants some […]
March 4, 2010

At it Again

Rich is at it again. First he tormented us with t-shirts, sandals, and Margaritas…and now this….green grass!!!! Oh yes and a very cute puppy, Alta-Tollhaus Just […]
March 3, 2010

Isa Up North

Alta-Tollhaus Isa up North:
March 2, 2010

Master Agility Excellent

Congratulations to Kim and Bogey on completing their MX AKC Agility title!!! Master Agility Excellent (MX) is earned for 10 qualifying trials after achieving the Agility […]
February 27, 2010

Another trip to the beach…

First I decided to try swimming in the water bowl – then I used a towel to dry up the mess. Of course I was forgiven immediately […]
February 27, 2010

The Stick

Ilea with her new best friend, Lisa. (It seems Ilea doubled in size since I got her!?) I want that stick! She is not looking. I […]
February 24, 2010

Strut’s second day of Table Work

I train for the schutzhund 3 from the start and do not take a dog in a trial until they are trained all the way through. […]