Lance and O’Stara

No hanky-panky going on between these two but they both have brags to share. Did I get your attention though?

From Laura and Lance:

Here’s what the boy did (not as good as usual).

Dec 12, 2008, at SHCGD, Dexter, MI:

Novice Regular Q-1st (first time running at full jump height)
We had a bar down in his 3 other runs for NQ’s, but I couldn’t fault his performance, he paid attention and hit his weaves all weekend, no issues. Only real issue is he decided to join the “yee haw” club on his A-frame on Saturday – what contact training????

O’Stara earned her UKC championship this weekend and yesterday Mos (Mostosky DVM) did her OFA radiographs on hips and elbows. Elbows normal and hips look excellent. Yeah!

Nov 14th New Brags for Lance

November 14, 2008 CPE Agility, Dexter, MI:
Lance (GSD)
New Title – CPE CTL1-S and CTL2-R
Results for the Day:
Jackpot (L1) – Q-1st
Standard (L2) – Q-1st
Colors (L2) – Q-1st
Snookers (L2) – Q-1st
Jumpers (L3) – Q-1st

He was a gooooooood boy. We got First place in every class and in jumpers moved up to level 3 and he was clean and clear.   He was clean and clear in every run…and his “Colors” run the course time was 36 seconds and he ran it in 13.64 with his mom a huffing and a puffing behind him.    Never did manage to catch that boy and I even took the short cuts when I could.

So, Ms. Julie, for his page under competition dogs, here’s his new title line since he closed out his level 1 and that changes how it now reads……(and to correct a typo I had in the one I gave you last week)….ooops to me, must of been the excitement of the AKC titles.

U-CH U-AGI Alta-Tollhaus Par Four TD, NAP, NJP, NAC, CTL1, CTL2-R, CSL1-H, CSL1-S, CSL1-F,mHIC

The CTL1 comprises 4 titles (CTL1-R, CTL1-F, CTL1-H and CTL1-S), in case you wonder, why his line shrunk.   It’s like what they do for the VCD1, which is your CD, your TD and the two novice agility titles all rolled up into one thing.

Laura Green