The Beauty and The Beast

OK—Sydney is a beauty and Grizzly is more a tormentor than a beast. These two get along great and Grizzly loves to get Sydney into trouble. His favorite thing to do is the “let me pull your neck” game.  She takes it for a bit and then we go into the “let me put you in your place game, you little twerp” game. We end each training session with a close-together long down. It is a great distraction for both…

DNA Testing

While the Grizz is visiting I thought that I’d run a simple DNA test—in case anyone had questions if he was an Alta-Tollhaus pup. Can you say, POOL PARTY?!!!?

He passed phase one with flying colors, followed by phase two. A dunk in the pool would not be complete without a little roll in the dirt…

Yep—this is an genuine Alta-Tollhaus pup. I bet the kid has never been so dirty! LOLOL!

Steppin’ Out

Hey, how did Grizzly get in here?! John was silly enough to let me babysit for the weekend. Grizz is very good when he’s here. He comes when called, but as an added insurance policy, I let him drag his lead while we are playing in the field.

“Look, Dad. I got one of those Hunde Sport balls. Oh yeah—and you owe Carole 25 bucks.” 🙂

“Dad—wait until you see what we do later…”  LOLOLOL!!!