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Great story

A great story from this morning.  After Mac did his track, I took Rafe

along to pick up flags, etc.  He was tracking along,

and on the last leg left the track and went off about

ten feet and sat down.  Sitting is his article

indication.  I couldn’t figure out how I was that far

off the line to the last flag, but went to look:  he

found a sock that had fallen out of my pocket weeks

ago when I was tracking with the Mac.  Mac, of course,

breezed right by earlier on his way to the glove and

his ball.  So Rafe got his reward, then returned to

the track and found the glove.  After he got home, he

was rewarded big-time.

Mac and the Loot

Happy May Day!
The Macster brought home a new dog show chair from the

obedience match at the Seward Kennel Club show this

weekend.  We will not talk about the small entry or

the good dogs that showed for exhibition only—instead

we are going to enjoy our High in Match ribbon and be

grateful that he only barked at me once in the ring

(while sitting in front, waiting for the judge to get

around to the Finish command).  The Mac still can’t

figure out why these judges cannot get those commands

out faster.


Just got back from Mac’s annual visit for updates,

heartworm pills, etc.  His vet thinks he is in

“beautiful shape”–good weight, eyes and ears and

parts all fine, no spleen problems, etc.  Mackie

conned them out of half a jar of biscuits.  And while

we were waiting by the counter to go in, another woman

came in to pick something up.  Mackie went over,

started with putting his front feet up on the counter

beside her, then leaned over so his head was on her

shoulder, kissed her cheek, etc.  It was definitely

the Full Mackie performance.

New Question

How do I figure out Rafe’s head?  He

works well in training, then gets to a show and loses

focus entirely—sometimes just wanders off to visit

the stewards or look at dogs outside the ring.

Fortunately it was just practice.  Corrections don’t

make a dent, so I don’t bother.  Right now my only

idea is to make him start over every time his

attention strays at all. 
 It is clearly not a “lack of brain” problem, since he learns things quickly and

understands the exercises, just seems to have no sense

of responsibility about working.  Being beautiful

apparently is sufficient.


Sunday they just have the one-hour pick-up and

drop-off time, so it was busy.  I was waiting for the

dogs to come up front when one of the kennel staff

came out and asked which ones I wanted.  When I said

the shepherds, she replied, “Oh, they are the BEST

Well, we knew that.